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We are a highly curated community of independent

Love the Experience

Create & grow where you are.

Whether you're a startup in Nairobi or Nebraska or have two or 20 people on your team, the GAN Community of accelerators, partners, and investors is obsessed with giving startups the power to create and grow their businesses, wherever they are. So you can stay home and scale globally if that's what best suits you and your team.

A founder-first mindset.

Across the GAN Community, startups will find people who deeply care about their success. Whether it's a corporation who wants to partner with you, an accelerator who wants to help you grow, or an investor who wants to support you for the long-term, our community simply has a founder-first mentality.

A personal
level of care.

No one can do life or business alone. GAN is about helping you build connections and relationships—so that you can not only create a quality company, but a quality life, wherever you are. So don't be surprised if we actually remember your name, ask how your family's doing, or how your most recent trip went.

Trust the Results

Numbers that don’t lie.

GAN Accelerators have helped some 19,000+ founders. GAN Ventures invests in 20+ companies a year. And nearly 30 GAN Partners are consistently engaging with those startups. Because of it, 88% of the startups in the GAN community stay in business and continue to operate thriving businesses in cities large and small, all over the world.

Worldwide community.

The GAN Community is the largest group of accelerators, partners, and investors in over 120+ cities on six continents. With that kind of leveraging power, being GAN means you can accomplish what you never would alone, from a rich set of resources and experiences that are simply hard to beat.

Selectivity, without ego.

GAN Accelerators only accept about 3% of the applications that come their way from startups. But cockiness isn't our jam. We know what it means to build something from scratch, and it's hard. So no matter who you are or what stage you’re at, you'll be treated with respect when you work with someone in our community.