Why Accelerators Work

Every month, I inevitably get asked why the accelerator model continues to be so successful. It’s a valid question (and one usually asked by Ph.D. students). This time, I’m breaking it down for everyone to hear.

Immigrant Founders: Are They Vital To Our Economy?

The fear center of our brains is where I think we spend most of our time these days, especially when it comes to debates about immigration. If you’ve spent any time on Twitter or Facebook, this is no surprise to you. But how are immigrants actually affecting national economy and what impact do they have on the startup world? I did some digging recently to find some answers for myself.

10 Women-Run Startup Founders You Should Know

Over the past few years, both the total number and overall percentage of female founders at GAN Startups have increased drastically. Multiple factors are leading to the rise, but here are a few GAN Startup founders (who happen to be women) that are worth watching.

GAN Virtual Demo Day 2018

Collectively, GAN Startups represent some of the top startups in the world. And, in less than one week, we’ll host our first-ever public global demo day featuring eight of the best in gaming, AR, and VR. What’s even more amazing? They’re truly from all over the world.

Don’t Kill Me—I Don’t Use Slack

Most of us are getting bombarded with incoming messages, all the time. Emails, texts, voicemails, meetings, surprise drop-ins, and…Slack. Not only has the constant barrage been hard on my time, but it’s been hard on my mental health. So, I decided to choose only the communication channels that work for me, and it’s made all the difference.

GAN Partner Profile: G3 Partners

We sat down recently with Jonathan Moore, Director at G3 Partners—a GAN Partner—to hear about G3’s unique engagement with startups as a marketing and growth agency, and through Launchpad, their pre-accelerator program in collaboration with the Korean government and SparkLabs.

One Big (and One Small) Thing We Look for When Investing

Running GAN Ventures means we’re constantly talking with founders, considering their companies for investment. And when I think about what seems to make one company rise to the top of our list, there are two primary things that tend to make all the difference.

What’s Behind All of This

When we write, or when we do anything at work (or at home, for that matter), we have a choice. That choice can either be about showcasing our brand, our work, or our feelings. It can be all about “us.” Or, we can make it about the thing bigger than us. It can be about a collective move toward something better. 

Recent Articles That Are Influencing My Thoughts on Work

I’ve had some time off over the last few days and it’s given me space to think a lot about “work”—especially how I want my work to look over the next few months. And a handful of recent articles are giving me some great ideas, including how myself and the GAN team can shift how we work moving forward. Here are the articles molding my thinking.