We Can All Stop Caring About What Our Competitors Are Doing

If you’ve spent any time around me lately—at ALL—you know that I can’t get enough of SoulCycle. It’s a gym where you ride a stationary bike, but it also strangely feels like the perfect mix between both a club and a church. It’s also an incredible workout and, right now, I am SoulCycle’s biggest fanboy. Last […]

The Quarterly Reset

We just held our first day-long “quarterly reset” meeting and the results and outcomes were phenomenal. So phenomenal that I can tell you, with confidence, that they’ll have far more impact on our work than annual planning ever has. Check out our meeting agenda and see what was so special about it by reading on…

Thank a Salesperson Today

I’ve been thinking a lot about business development people and the pivotal role they play on our teams. More importantly, I’ve been thinking about all the ways we can (and probably should) do a better job of appreciating them—not only for what they do to add to our companies, but for what they put up with, too.

When You Pitch, Make Sure to KISS

I recently met with a potential investor in GAN and I thought I’d nailed my opening pitch. As it turns out, I wasn’t as clear as I could have been. So, I wanted to spend some time thinking through the reasons we all do this, some pretty helpful research on this particular topic, and one simple thing I’m doing to fix my own pitch.

How to Give Feedback and Why I’ve Been Doing It All Wrong

Almost every day, I’m asked to give some sort of feedback. It’s just a necessary part of running a company and managing a team. But requests for feedback more often come to me from a founder. Unfortunately, it’s usually from a founder that GAN Ventures decided wasn’t the right fit for us to invest in, for any number of potential reasons. For a while now, though, I’ve felt like I haven’t been very good at giving good feedback—until recently. So I thought I’d share what I’ve been learning and how it affects anyone in the business of giving feedback to others.

Four Unhelpful Myths You’re Telling Yourself About Your Boss

Your job might suck for a lot of reasons, and most of those reasons are likely valid. But one main reason for job hatred seems to trump all others—you just don’t like your bosses. Studies show this, too. The important thing, though, is your belief in your ability to impact change at your company and your relationship with your boss. Here are four myths you often believe about your boss, and how to work through them in order to create change.

Getting in the Door: Tips from Leaders at Large Companies That Want to Work with Startups

When a large company works with a startup, magic can happen. It can drastically help corporate companies innovate while giving startups much-needed cash and game-changing references. At the same time, there’s a lot to navigate and understand before ever taking that first step into a Fortune 500 company’s large, beautiful doors and it can be a muddled journey—at times either intimidating or downright confusing, and sometimes both. Here’s advice—straight from corporates—on how to prepare to work with a larger company.

This is How to Build Trust with Your Investors Beyond Your Actual Pitch

GAN Ventures has invested in about 20 companies and, in 2019, we’ll invest in 20 more. That means we’re talking with a lot of startups and, when I think about it, all of our investments seem to have some core things in common. It would be easy to simply say that we choose to invest in founders that we trust, but I thought I’d give you more specific insights into how founders have built that trust with us. Maybe it will help you on your next fundraising call.

The GAN Team Manifesto for Working Together

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.” — Lewis Carroll This is one of my favorite quotes and I bring it up a lot in the office—usually when planning for projects or having other high-level discussions. It’s also something I think about a lot when it comes to how […]