Begin with Vision and Goals Will Follow

A hammer is just a hammer. Without a vision for the home you want to build, you will just have a hammer and a bunch of raw materials. It’s your vision for the hammer that determines what it will ultimately be used for. Our businesses are the same. A business is made up of people, […]

Most Vision Statements are Uninspiring. Yours Doesn’t Have to Be.

Why your vision makes all the difference in the world, and how you can lead with vision in 2021. Can I get a confession out of the way, first? I’d never read a blog post about corporate vision statements. Yet, I’m writing one for you to read.  Why is that? Well at some point, vision […]

The External Empowered Vision

Vision.  It captures our imagination, fills us with a sense of wonder, and gives language to what we see the world becoming.   And, when you think about the people who have vision, Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos may come to mind — people who seem to be building products ahead of their time. Or you […]

Do You Realize What You Just Did?

Every week I meet with Anna on my team to talk about the blog for the week. This past week we were laughing that the first blog I wrote in 2020 (and this is dead serious) was called It’s 2020— Bring on the Problems. It was a blog all about how I planned to handle […]

Understanding Misunderstandings

Misunderstandings are all around us, and no one enjoys being misunderstood.  They take place at the national level – daily. In the United States, a large minority of the country believes the presidential election was stolen from them, and another large minority can’t believe anyone would think that.  And, misunderstandings are happening more and more […]

The Best Mindset for Your Next Corporate-Startup Engagement

Our world really needs large corporates with the right motives.    Corporate partnerships are one of the best ways for early-stage founders to build their business. Doing business with a corporate can mean stable revenue, investment, access to customers, distribution, product feedback, the list goes on. Equal value is created for the corporate (more on […]

The Science of Gratitude

I’m Told To Be Thankful We’ve all heard that gratitude is the answer to many problems. That being full of gratitude will help you be more resilient and happy, a better boss and partner, and a better human. But I’ve been skeptical when I’ve heard these comments before. So, I want to spend today’s blog […]

The Value of Productive Conflict

“But now, let’s give each other a chance. It’s time to put away the harsh rhetoric. To lower the temperature. To see each other again. To listen to each other again. To make progress, we must stop treating our opponents as our enemy. We are not enemies.”   — Joe Biden, United States President-Elect, acceptance speech […]

Selfless Curiosity — The Revenue Generator

About a decade ago, I was doing sales for a startup that offered a tech solution for pharmacies.  We came across a government initiative (called the 340B program in the United States) that allowed pharmacies to make more money while serving low-income pharmacy customers, and our company’s tech solution would power the initiative.  As I […]

Making Your Work Matter for the World

What do you believe the world could become through your work? I posed this question to all of the 156 accelerators, studios, and corporate innovation teams who joined me at the GAN and GSSN Summit last week, and it became the basis for our three-day Summit. And while that question was posed to everyone attending […]