The Perfect “I’m Frustrated” Email

What Not to Do This past week, my wife and I got the following email from the person who oversees our yard crew: First of all, he didn’t mention the problem to us last week, when it first came up. Second, his tone, attitude, and overall demeanor here seem to be on the attack. Unfortunately, […]

Advice From Three GAN Startups That Recently Raised Series A and B Rounds

Ask anyone what it’s like to raise money, and you’ll probably get one answer: Raising money is difficult. Very difficult. Just how difficult? Our data show that it takes the following amount of months, on average, for GAN Startups (the nearly 9,500 best-in-class companies that have been through one of 100+ GAN Accelerators around the […]

Your Brain is Your Best Asset

If we believed our brains were our best asset, we’d likely spend more time caring for them. And I don’t just mean filling them with information. We’d spend time considering it, we’d put emotional resources into caring for it, and we’d talk about it with others. Here’s what I’ve been doing to value my own brain more.

Show Me The…Market

As we look at data pertaining to why we most often tend to turn companies down for investment, it comes down to one thing nearly 80% of the time. Here’s what it is, and how to nail it in your pitch.

The Best $477 I’ll Spend This Month (And Probably This Year)

When I think about onboarding and the HR process for new employees, what normally comes to mind are PowerPoint presentations, cringe-worthy videos from CEOs, nondescript rooms with fluorescent lighting, or forced trust-building exercises. But here’s what we do when we bring new team members into the GAN family.

Guest Post: More Great Management Tips

After writing my recent post on how the Joy of Managing is in the Struggle, I heard from Doreen Kula, a Venture Development consultant and coach at Winshall, an [LP in the GAN Community]. With a ton of experience under her belt, she had some great insights on management to share and I wanted to pass them along.

We’re Treating Each Other Like Commodities

I was at an event last week where I had the opportunity to hear a good friend of mine, Jeff Haanen, speak to a group of about 50 startup entrepreneurs. As he was talking, he quickly noted to the group, “And just make sure that, along the way, you don’t treat your investors like commodities.” […]

The Question No One Can Answer in an Interview

We’ve conducted a lot of interviews in the last several weeks. And, in the process, we’ve had the chance to meet a lot of incredible people. But, there’s one thing none of them seem to be able to know how to answer—and it’s a really big deal.

The Joy of Managing Is In the Struggle

Managers tend to think of managing people as a dreaded task. And, if I’m honest, that’s often how I’ve thought of it, too. But I think we all have some work to do—we need to change this mindset—because managing people is where the real joy is found.