What Accelerators Look For

Getting into an accelerator is hard, and getting into a GAN Accelerator is even harder. Which is why so many of you are trying hard to do the “right” things to earn a coveted spot at a program. Here’s what I tell people when I get the chance, and it’s all based on GAN’s industry-wide data, coming straight from the source—the accelerators you’re trying to get into.

Are You Really Listening to Your Customers?

I recently hung out with a Project Manager from Amazon, and it was as insightful as you might imagine. Here’s what I gained from our conversation, and how it’s affecting our planning for 2019.

The Tradeoffs We Make as Founders

Thriving amidst the chaos of running a startup isn’t exactly a cake walk. So, when I see someone pulling it off even relatively well, I get intrigued and want to know more. That’s exactly how I felt after meeting Piper Foster Wilder, CEO of 60Hertz and a renewable energy expert who’s not only running a company but doing it while caring for a newborn.

You Actually Aren’t Competing with Bigger Cities

In all of my travel, especially when I visit small or medium-sized cities all over the world, a common theme keeps coming up for me and I think it’s important to address. Here’s what it is and how I think we can make a shift into something far more positive.

Celebration is Essential: Why Joy Should Matter to Your Company

Every year, I take some time to go completely offline. As I write this, I’m just getting back from this year’s time to unplug, where I spent a couple weeks with my wife and two girls in the Caribbean. I know I’m not alone in this, but it always seems to take about a week […]

Stop Calling Them “Soft” Skills

Investors are constantly telling startups what kind of money they’re investing, what industry they want to invest in, and what stage of company they’re interested in putting their dollars toward. But hardly anyone ever talks about “soft” skills—the ones that are so critical to the success of a company but unfortunately so rarely discussed. Here’s why that needs to change.

It’s All an Experiment

Every year, it seems I come across one, lasting piece of advice that leaves an indelible mark on me—something that not only has an impact when I hear it but lingers with me far into the future. And this year, I have to thank my best friend, Dave Hall, for providing that piece of advice.

Your Medium ≥ Your Message

Over 70% of our communication is nonverbal. Which means that how we deliver our messages is at least equally as important as what our message actually is. Here are a few ways I’m intentionally looking at the way I deliver my messages and why it’s important as someone who runs a company.

Loneliness and Its Cure

Feeling lonely is one of the most pervasive struggles of founder life. Stakes always feel high and we are so often afraid of what we might lose if we reveal our challenges to people around us. But opening up and being vulnerable is the key to combating loneliness. As a founder myself, here’s exactly how I’m doing that.