Airplane Time

Airplane time is wonderful. For my airplane time, I usually fly Southwest Airlines. Since I have status with them, I am usually one of the first to board. So typically, I get a great seat on the plane with a ton of legroom. I settle in, put on my headphones, and pull out a book. […]

Speed, Gears, and RPMs

There are three types of roads that you use in the Colorado mountains. A highway. A mountain pass. Backcountry roads. When you’re on the highway, you’re moving around 75 mph (120 kph), and your car’s engine operates at a pretty steady clip, although there are times where you must rev your engine to get up […]

The Rabbit Listened

Right now, my favorite kids’ book is The Rabbit Listened. Here’s how the story goes. A little girl is playing with a set of blocks when crows swoop down and destroy the beautiful tower she has made. The girl is devastated. Soon, her friends arrive on the scene one at a time. First, the chicken […]

You’re Not a Genius

A few weeks ago, I was on a Zoom call with a founder. She had just won a global pitch competition with an incredible idea and pitch. We’d been connected through a good friend, and I jumped on the call with no agenda other than to see how I could help her. We dove into […]

Hiring Remote Employees is Hard!

Good thing you’re not alone…   The shape of the modern workforce is changing and many startups are now operating as remote or distributed teams. This shift comes with a lot of positives, like saving on rent, access to a larger talent pool, and access to cheaper talent. But going remote also comes with new […]

Keep Swimming

The other day my daughter had an appointment at the children’s hospital in Denver. She had a lump on her neck that had been there for a few weeks and was steadily getting larger. I was fearing the worst, not only because she’s my daughter but also because my best friend from college had a […]

When to pick product led growth as your startup growth strategy

By Jayadevan P K, Evangelist at Freshworks for Startups If you’re anywhere close to the world of enterprise software, you can’t have missed the buzzword: product-led growth. The idea is that you build products that sell themselves. This means you bake features and communication into the product so you can grow your revenues and customers.  […]

An Additive Vision

We all have a vision for what we want our lives to be. We all have a vision for what we want the world to be. We all have a vision for what we want our work to be. Those visions have drastic implications for how we live today. If we have a vision for […]

Good Budgeting for a Better Business

Determining your new business’s budget is challenging. But our friends at Brex know a thing or two about startup budgets. This outline shows starting budget reference points for startups with a similar burn rate, which gives you a place to start! Without knowing exactly what you need and not relying on past data, you may […]