What Accelerators Look Like in 2021

Each year, GAN asks the accelerators in our community hundreds of questions about their programs with one goal in mind—to gather concrete insights on the current state of the accelerator industry. Responses from our annual survey culminate in a giant data report that we make available to any accelerator within the community that provided us […]

What the Research Tells Us About Creating Inclusive Markets

Earlier this month, we wrote about the Intentionally Inclusive Market  — a market in which we get to know the full range of our customer segment from day one, and then intentionally build products that include all kinds of people who will benefit from your product. It starts with getting to know all of your […]

The Intentionally Inclusive Market

Every business has a customer segment. This is the group of people you’re selling to who share a similar set of needs, characteristics, habits, and desires as one another.  Yet, most of us misunderstand the full scope of our customer segments, for two reasons.  First, we may build for a particular demographic group (such as […]

Start Small to Build for Humans and Ecosystems

Earlier this month, I shared an idea about value creation. The idea is that, for many of us, we’ve mainly been focused on creating two types of value: Utility Value – Just by providing a product or service customers deem worthy to use, you have created utility value. People are willing to spend the time […]

Building Products for Humans — and Profit

Here’s a simple thought experiment for you. Let’s say only two consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies exist in the world, and each of them has a 50% market share in every product category — from cosmetics to cleaning products, it’s an even split.  Now, let’s say the innovation team at Company 1 decides they’re going […]

The Human and Ecosystem Value of Your Product

Every generation has an opportunity. Today’s generation, with the help of previous generations, has helped redeemed the view of the for-profit company. We see the benefit in its existence and the value it provides to the world. Yet, just because you oversee or work at a for-profit company doesn’t mean that you’re automatically providing the […]

Begin with Vision and Goals Will Follow

A hammer is just a hammer. Without a vision for the home you want to build, you will just have a hammer and a bunch of raw materials. It’s your vision for the hammer that determines what it will ultimately be used for. Our businesses are the same. A business is made up of people, […]

Most Vision Statements are Uninspiring. Yours Doesn’t Have to Be.

Why your vision makes all the difference in the world, and how you can lead with vision in 2021. Can I get a confession out of the way, first? I’d never read a blog post about corporate vision statements. Yet, I’m writing one for you to read.  Why is that? Well at some point, vision […]

The External Empowered Vision

Vision.  It captures our imagination, fills us with a sense of wonder, and gives language to what we see the world becoming.   And, when you think about the people who have vision, Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos may come to mind — people who seem to be building products ahead of their time. Or you […]

Do You Realize What You Just Did?

Every week I meet with Anna on my team to talk about the blog for the week. This past week we were laughing that the first blog I wrote in 2020 (and this is dead serious) was called It’s 2020— Bring on the Problems. It was a blog all about how I planned to handle […]