The GAN Team Manifesto for Working Together

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.” — Lewis Carroll This is one of my favorite quotes and I bring it up a lot in the office—usually when planning for projects or having other high-level discussions. It’s also something I think about a lot when it comes to how […]

Two Simple Questions To Ask Every Potential Investor

A few months ago, my partner at GAN Ventures, Reilly Flynn, had a call with a startup looking to us for investment. Ever since Reilly told me about the conversation, I can’t stop thinking about the story. Here’s what happened—the part that still sticks with me.

How to Talk About What You Need at Work

In my blog last week, I talked about how important it is to find a job that’s truly “right” for you. The end of that piece included how to figure out exactly what that was, but I mentioned that—even if you’ve realized you really are doing the thing you’re meant to be doing in the world—you might still be experiencing a lack of morale at work.

It’s a New Year. Is It Time for a New Job?

Our team takes about two weeks off at the end of every year and the holiday break gave me a great chance to read a lot of books and to see a lot of friends. Interestingly, a common theme arose out of both. It seems a ton of people just really don’t like their jobs. You may even be one of those people.

The Four Reasons Our World Needs Startups

About a week ago, I was in Cairo for the Flat6Labs Demo Day. It was an incredible experience all around. Somehow, they actually allowed me to take the microphone and welcome everyone to the event. I would normally get up and say something like, “It’s so great to be here. Thanks for coming. I’m excited to see the companies and hope you are, too.” This time, though, I realized that it wasn’t the type of situation that warranted a soft, generic welcome.

How WeWork Labs Creates Global Connections and Opportunities for Startups

WeWork is a proud GAN Partner, our community of innovative and values-minded companies engaging with startups. And they’ve built WeWork Labs, a global innovation platform to help startups and corporations everywhere create the future. Here are the stories they shared when we asked about how they’re uniquely partnering with founders around the world.

What Accelerators Look For

Getting into an accelerator is hard, and getting into a GAN Accelerator is even harder. Which is why so many of you are trying hard to do the “right” things to earn a coveted spot at a program. Here’s what I tell people when I get the chance, and it’s all based on GAN’s industry-wide data, coming straight from the source—the accelerators you’re trying to get into.