Why Every Startup Should Have an Advisory Board

Running a business isn’t easy. Demands from your team and your clients can fill every minute of every day and it can be hard to prioritize the work that’s actually essential to you and your company. So sometimes, it really can help to get feedback at the right time, from the right people—people who understand the intricacies of your business and who allow you to be incredibly open and honest.

It’s 2020—Bring on the Problems

Closing out last year (and the last decade), a lot of us probably spent at least some time planning out what we want 2020 to look like. And, for the most part, it’s pretty easy to be excited about a clean slate. There’s a lot of energy behind it. But, there’s also a lot of fear around the problems that will inevitably come our way. Here’s how I’m working to shift my typical anxiety around those inevitable problems.

For 2020: Consider the Collective Power of 13,000 Startups

To the 13,000 startups in the GAN Community, thank you. Running a startup is so hard. At every point along the way, it feels like you could go out of business. It seems like there are potential competitors emerging every second. It’s hard to hire and build cultures that last. And it’s hard to continue […]

It’s Time for a Mission Statement Makeover

It’s annual planning time. And, our company mission statements—those things that dictate what we wake up to do every morning—are the main thing we all use to guide our plans each year. But so many mission statements are truly bad. Here’s why it matters, and why it might be time for you to change yours.

We Really Need Large Corporates—With the Right Motives

If you read my blog regularly, you know I’m a really big believer in a couple of things: How revenue is one of the most important metrics for startups. And, that partnering with corporates is one of the best ways for startups to generate revenue. But, corporates so often have the wrong motivations for working with founders. Here’s how they can do better.

A Startup Support Guide for My Mom

In just a few weeks, I’m going to see my mom for the holidays. While I’ve been in the startup world for over a decade now, I know my mom (and many of my friends) have no idea about all of the startup jargon we throw around. So, I thought it might be helpful—for my mom and yours—if I put together a “startup terminology guide.”

Using Data Over Emotions: Finding the Truer Story

When we’re exhausted, it can lead us to act in ways that are out of alignment with both our individual goals, and our more collective company goals. So, instead of being swayed by every wind that comes my way, here’s how I’ve been using data to tell me the more accurate story.

Nine Takeaways for Startups After Our Global Tour

We just finished GAN’s first Momentum Tour, a four-stop global tour with events in Pittsburgh, Hamburg, Lima, and Manama. After reflecting on all of the startups we met along the way, here’s what’s so special about running a company outside of a major tech hub, and why it can be more of a challenge.

GAN Partner, Chargebee, on How to Tackle Office Hours with an Investor

I recently wrote about how mentors can best guide founders in one-on-one sessions, and how those founders can best prepare for those sessions in order to take full advantage of their time with mentors. But what if you’re scheduled to sit down with an investor? Is preparation essentially the same, and what are investors looking for? Here’s how to be prepared.