Why None of Your Company Goals Come to Fruition

Like most companies, we set big goals and we aim to hit them every quarter. It’s part of running a good business. But why is it that companies so rarely actually achieve the goals they set out? Here’s what we realized was off about our goal-setting process and what we’re doing to not only set good goals but to actually achieve them.

GAN Partner, Chargebee, on How Startups Can Get the Most Out of Office Hours with a Mentor

Having been an entrepreneur and starting a company three times before, I know that one of the greatest assets an entrepreneur has is time. Every day, an entrepreneur needs to ruthlessly prioritize how they spend their time building and growing their company. So, office hours with mentors should be a structured but limited time to get advice, spitball ideas, and share cathartic moments. Here’s how to take the most advantage of that time.

What Happened When I Hit a Wall and the Important Question I’m Using to Move Past It

Last week, I wrote about how essential it is to ask yourself one important question before going through an accelerator program: What do you want your (work) life to be like? But I think there’s actually a deeper question behind this question and I came to it after hitting a serious wall a couple weeks ago. Here’s what the question is, why it’s so important, and a tool to help you answer it for yourself.

One Essential Question to Ask When Beginning an Accelerator Program

A shocking 80% of founders grew up in broken or chaotic homes. Though challenging, it means they both thrive in the chaos of running a company but also don’t know what to do when things feel calm. Here’s an important question that Nick, on the GAN team, prompted me to ask myself in the midst of trying to disconnect from chaos and live a calmer life, and I’m sharing it with everyone I know—especially founders.

What the Data Says about Getting into An Accelerator

Once a year, every year, we ask all 110 accelerators in the GAN Community hundreds of questions about their programs. And when we asked them how startups were chosen for their programs in 2018, here’s what they said.

Being a Victim Won’t Make You a Good Boss

Over the weekend, someone on our staff sent me a text about a payroll issue. Everyone on our team gets paid at the end of the month and a paycheck should have hit this person’s account the previous Friday, but it never happened. But, when I got the text, something happened for me that tends to happen a lot. I felt sorry for myself and frustrated at everyone else. Here’s why.

Using a Staycation to Stay Sane

I get about a month of vacation each year and I like to use that time well. After all, a month is a lot of time, but it’s actually not that much time, spread out over 52 weeks. What does “using it well” mean for me? My family and I enjoy experiences. It’s fun hopping […]

How to Bring Up Issues With Your Business Partner or Leadership Team

I have two great allies, Dani and Reilly, who I’m constantly working with to build and grow GAN and GAN Ventures. We have incredible relationships and I could not have chosen more fantastic people to work alongside. But, as with any business, conflict and issues emerge along the way. Here’s how we work through that conflict when it arises.

Why We Invest in Authentic Founders

At GAN Ventures, when we invest in startups, we say over and over again that we look for four things and one of them is “authentic founders.” But, what does it mean? Why is it so important? And, how can founders work to become increasingly authentic?

When Community Works

If you’re a leader anywhere, a large part of your role will include bringing people together from different backgrounds and sometimes even different cultures—people who hold varying or even conflicting value sets—and that can be difficult. But, this past week, we hosted the first-ever Global Startup Studio Network (GSSN) retreat and something truly special happened. Here’s what I think helped make it happen.