Thriving Companies Listen and Adapt

A point made by my coach, Brian Howard, has stuck with me throughout the COVID-19 season. At the beginning of the pandemic, Brain said, “The world has changed. That means our clients‘ jobs have changed, which means our jobs have changed.” Now, more than ever, each of us needs to take a realistic look at […]

Learning to Listen

My Mother-in-Law’s Story My wife was talking to her mom last week, who mentioned that she had just finished talking to a colleague. My mother-in-law, a white woman, shared that she had reached out to her colleague because she was hearing countless CEOs and companies say that they’re going to be “listening” a lot more […]

Building Good Soil

A note of context: The blog that follows was originally written as an email to my colleagues on the GAN team. It was my response in a conversation we have been having regarding recent events and DE&I in our company, our community, and our work with startups around the world. The team asked if I […]

In Solidarity, We Continue to Learn

This week has been heavy. Just as we’ve seen glimmers of hope in the US that there might be a light at the end of the tunnel of the coronavirus pandemic, we’re met with another tragedy—one that is, sadly, not new but born from a complex history. In this season, the brokenness of our world […]

The State of Startups

Lately, I’ve been often asked how startups are handling COVID-19. Based on my conversations with GAN Accelerators, GAN Corporate Partners, GSSN Studios, and the startups GAN Ventures has invested in, here is how startups seem to be faring in this season. When It Comes To Raising Money Startups who are fundraising fall into one of […]

A Tool to Empower Emotional Awareness

My wife is a mental health therapist, and one thing we’ve been talking about lately is how hard it is to define “what we’re feeling during COVID-19.” Meaning our worlds have changed, and we don’t have a way to describe how we’re exactly feeling. I find that I’m using phrases like “things are different” and […]

Time: Our Most Important Resource

As I think about this new season of operating, everything has changed. Rhythms, work environments, products, and business models are different.  It’s a dynamic season. One that requires a lot of brainpower. Here’s how much of my time is occupied right now— Understanding what has happened to the economy over the last few weeks. Digging […]

Announcing the Founder Support Fund

I’m excited to announce the Founder Support Fund.  It’s an evergreen microgrant fund dedicated to supporting founders’ mental and emotional health and well-being. As we enter the first full week of Mental Health Awareness Month, the GAN team, like many others, has been thinking about the additional stress many people are facing in the midst […]

Three Questions to Ask Investors During COVID-19

In early 2019, I wrote one of my most-read blog posts, Two Simple Questions To Ask Every Potential Investor. Those questions were: “What do you specifically look for when you’re investing in companies?” And a followup question, “Now that I’ve heard everything you’re looking for, I think we’re a fit for your fund. But in […]

Startups Who are Rising to the Occasion

The inherent role of a startup is to find a problem, create a solution, and do it in a way that is efficient, cost-effective, and impactful.  In COVID-19 times, we’re seeing story after story of startups doing exactly this: finding problems, creating solutions, and deploying those solutions in an efficient and effective way. While in […]