Aren’t Partners Great

It’s not easy or cheap starting your own company. All startups need funding, connections, and best practices for businesses. We’re continually trying to ease these three issues for startups. GAN startups have a leg up in many ways – access to a global network of 8,000 mentors, soft landing space at accelerators worldwide, direct introductions to investors, and over $800k in perks at their disposal from the partnerships we’ve forged.

We couldn’t wait to announce our newest network partnership with MailChimp. Many startups in our network are already happy customers with MailChimp and have been eagerly awaiting a perk. As a network partner, MailChimp has committed to supporting GAN startups around the globe with mentoring support, thought leadership, and is graciously offering all GAN startups 6 free months of MailChimp services!

Thanks to GAN’s partnerships, startups have access to things that they would never have otherwise. That’s the power of a network!