Be Heard: Startup Day Across America

The Global Accelerator Network is proud to be supporting tomorrow’s Startup Day Across America.

Startup Day Across America is an opportunity to build relationships and understanding between startups/startup ecosystems and their representatives in local, state and federal government. As numerous points of legislation (immigration, patent reform, crowd funding and more) that directly affect startups will be considered in the coming months, now is the time to make connections to ensure the interests and needs of startups like you are heard.

44 representatives have agreed to participate in Startup Day Across America, alongside numerous members of state and local government, as well as innumerous startups, accelerators, coworking spaces and capital firms who have offered to host events.

We strongly encourage you to take part:

Attend a Startup Day Across America Event in Your Area
Full listing of Startup Day Across America Events

Connect with your representative on Startup Day Across America.
List of all Verified members of Congress on Twitter
*Be sure to include the #StartupDay hashtag.
Find your representative on

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Startup Day Across America is being organized by Engine, the House Caucus on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (led by CO Representative Jared Polis), UP Global, 1776 and The Global Accelerator Network.