It’s 2020—Bring on the Problems

Closing out last year (and the last decade), a lot of us probably spent at least some time planning out what we want 2020 to look like. And, for the most part, it’s pretty easy to be excited about a clean slate. There’s a lot of energy behind it. But, there’s also a lot of fear around the problems that will inevitably come our way. Here’s how I’m working to shift my typical anxiety around those inevitable problems.

Using Data Over Emotions: Finding the Truer Story

When we’re exhausted, it can lead us to act in ways that are out of alignment with both our individual goals, and our more collective company goals. So, instead of being swayed by every wind that comes my way, here’s how I’ve been using data to tell me the more accurate story.

Our Obsessive Fear of Failure

One of my favorite theologians is a man named N.T. Wright. He writes a lot on the “afterlife” and what may happen when we die. At the beginning of one of his books, he makes a point about how our view of the afterlife affects how we live today. In other words, what we believe […]

sun setting over a mountain range

How I Use Gratitude To Reset My Day

Lately, I’ve been stuck in my head. It’s been a busy time for me both professionally and personally. We’re on-boarding a bunch of new people to the GAN team. We’re in the midst of our first global Momentum Tour. And I’m about to be out of the office because my family and I are going […]

It’s Very Rarely About You

When something hard happens or someone says something we perceive as negative, it’s so easy to take it personally. But, especially when running a company, it’s important to put the needs of your company above your own ego. Here’s how I’ve worked to stay curious when someone says or does something that triggers my “It’s All About Me” response.

Being a Victim Won’t Make You a Good Boss

Over the weekend, someone on our staff sent me a text about a payroll issue. Everyone on our team gets paid at the end of the month and a paycheck should have hit this person’s account the previous Friday, but it never happened. But, when I got the text, something happened for me that tends to happen a lot. I felt sorry for myself and frustrated at everyone else. Here’s why.

It’s All an Experiment

Every year, it seems I come across one, lasting piece of advice that leaves an indelible mark on me—something that not only has an impact when I hear it but lingers with me far into the future. And this year, I have to thank my best friend, Dave Hall, for providing that piece of advice.

Loneliness and Its Cure

Feeling lonely is one of the most pervasive struggles of founder life. Stakes always feel high and we are so often afraid of what we might lose if we reveal our challenges to people around us. But opening up and being vulnerable is the key to combating loneliness. As a founder myself, here’s exactly how I’m doing that.

You’re Worth Being Nice To

If you’re anything like me, you give the people around you a good amount of grace. You forgive people. You allow people to fail. But you hold yourself to a higher standard than you hold others to. But here’s how I’ve been shifting my own mental talk track and how this kind of shift can be so important for our businesses.