Immigrant Founders: Are They Vital To Our Economy?

The fear center of our brains is where I think we spend most of our time these days, especially when it comes to debates about immigration. If you’ve spent any time on Twitter or Facebook, this is no surprise to you. But how are immigrants actually affecting national economy and what impact do they have on the startup world? I did some digging recently to find some answers for myself.

What’s Behind All of This

When we write, or when we do anything at work (or at home, for that matter), we have a choice. That choice can either be about showcasing our brand, our work, or our feelings. It can be all about “us.” Or, we can make it about the thing bigger than us. It can be about a collective move toward something better. 

You’re a Jerk But I’m Just Having a Bad Morning

People often perceive temporary behaviors as concrete and permanent personality traits. And it can cause us to disengage and avoid people instead of digging in, creating deeper relationships and giving us all chances to grow and change. All of which have consequences in our business lives. Here’s how I’ve been giving better grace.