The Perfect “I’m Frustrated” Email

What Not to Do This past week, my wife and I got the following email from the person who oversees our yard crew: First of all, he didn’t mention the problem to us last week, when it first came up. Second, his tone, attitude, and overall demeanor here seem to be on the attack. Unfortunately, […]

The Best $477 I’ll Spend This Month (And Probably This Year)

When I think about onboarding and the HR process for new employees, what normally comes to mind are PowerPoint presentations, cringe-worthy videos from CEOs, nondescript rooms with fluorescent lighting, or forced trust-building exercises. But here’s what we do when we bring new team members into the GAN family.

The Question No One Can Answer in an Interview

We’ve conducted a lot of interviews in the last several weeks. And, in the process, we’ve had the chance to meet a lot of incredible people. But, there’s one thing none of them seem to be able to know how to answer—and it’s a really big deal.

Our Biggest Tech Leaders Are Failing Us

Tech’s biggest role models are repeatedly and grossly leaving the rest of us searching for better role models. We’re left hunting for a script, asking how to run a company well. How to behave. How to treat our employees. It’s time we start growing up and writing a new script.

People Aren’t Machines

If your dominant question as a manager is how to get the most out of your employees, there’s a fatal flaw in your thinking. And it’s critical that we shift the way we treat people at work, including setting up environments where they’re encouraged to thrive, helping them become better colleagues, friends, partners, and parents.

Is Your Company Really Changing the World?

Never before have we seen the number of world-changing, mission-first companies than what exists today. And there’s a reason for that. My fellow millennials and I crave working for and running these types of companies. They’re satisfying our soul, give us purpose, and drive us to show up to work every day. But so few of us know what kind of company we actually want to work for.

How to Keep Going in 2018

You’ve probably taken a serious look at how you want this next year to look. And right now, the year looks great. You have plans to accomplish, goals to hit, and relationships to strengthen. But while there are a ton of great articles about how to plan and set goals for this year, there doesn’t seem to be a lot about preparing ourselves for what will inevitably happen: Things not going our way.

Your Anger Is Your Responsibility

Anger is everywhere today. On the news. On our highways. In our offices. In our homes. And so much of it is justified because there’s a lot to be angry about these days. But when is being “too nice” in our homes and in our offices simply an act of evading responsibility for our anger? Here are a couple ways we’ve changed staff culture to actually acknowledge when something needs to be addressed.