Loyalty vs. Location: Why Startup Founders Should Stay Put

See that lush, emerald green grass blanketing your neighbor’s yard? It isn’t an accident. Their lawn got that way from serious cultivation, watering and attention. If your yard looks like a dump by comparison, that doesn’t mean you should move. Instead, maybe it’s time to break out the fertilizer and gardening tools. In the same […]

Hubspot Scholarships Bring Founders to US for GANRally

By: Sebastian Levin, Co-Founder of Merit HR Buenos Aires, Argentina The GAN Rally is an event that unites a cosmopolitan group of entrepreneurs, (in seed capital stage) with managing directors of accelerators, and entrepreneurs who have already climbed that stage. I think the initiative is spectacular, you go into a room in which you do […]

Founders found Founders at Rally 2016

This post originally appeared on Medium Reflecting on the Rally We’ll see hundreds of blogs over the next week that reflect on 2016-I hope this one is unique for you. Entrepreneurs deal with many ups and downs every day, and recapping a year is often too daunting — so I’ll make it quick. I always use the […]

Why this startup chose a smaller town over the Valley

SendGrid is a success story for many reasons. One of the biggest ingredients to their longevity and good fortune is location. The founders lived in California but chose a GAN accelerator, Techstars, in Colorado. After they graduated from their program they didn’t move to the valley, they stayed put in Colorado where their network was […]

3 PR Tips for Every Startup

Okay, so you’ve graduated from your accelerator and you even managed to get a little press from demo day. Congrats! But the truth is, more people need to know about your startup. It’s not as simple as the movie says “if you build it, they will come” (that’s from Field of Dreams kids). So now […]

8 Tips for Selecting the Best HR Company for Your Small Business

One of our partners, Kim Runyen from TriNet, wrote this post on September 23, 2015 for the TriNet blog. _ As an entrepreneur, you founded your business because you are passionate about the product or service you provide the world. However, on the road to success, you probably found that your time spent pursuing your […]

How To Avoid Common HR Mistakes

Until recently, it was more or less the norm for companies of all sizes in the United States to offer benefits to their employees. But as we all know, the employment landscape has drastically changed. Today such benefit packages are increasingly rare – especially with early-stage startups. While companies with 51 or more employees are […]

How to Build a Happy Startup

Startups often struggle to find a balance between hiring people for talent and hiring them for cultural fit. It’s a tough line to walk, since both are so important. Having considered case studies from companies like Airbnb and Rackspace, entrepreneur and tech writer Josh Althuser concludes: “If a prospective employee is slightly lacking in talent […]

Invest in Your Company Culture – Before It’s Too Late

We all know that the process of getting a company off the ground tends to be an all-consuming endeavor. Long hours, little sleep, lots of caffeine – sometimes all you can hope for is to keep the venture going for another day. But lost in the shuffle, all too often, are big picture considerations, including […]

How Accelerators Get Your Company Funded

With more than 70 GAN accelerators around the world, we’re always blown away by the great stuff they’re up to, continually finding new ways to help startups. And without a doubt, one of the greatest strengths of the GAN community is the willingness of our members to share what they’re learning. Last week I had […]