Building Products for Humans — and Profit

Here’s a simple thought experiment for you. Let’s say only two consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies exist in the world, and each of them has a 50% market share in every product category — from cosmetics to cleaning products, it’s an even split.  Now, let’s say the innovation team at Company 1 decides they’re going […]

Most Vision Statements are Uninspiring. Yours Doesn’t Have to Be.

Why your vision makes all the difference in the world, and how you can lead with vision in 2021. Can I get a confession out of the way, first? I’d never read a blog post about corporate vision statements. Yet, I’m writing one for you to read.  Why is that? Well at some point, vision […]

The Best Mindset for Your Next Corporate-Startup Engagement

Our world really needs large corporates with the right motives.    Corporate partnerships are one of the best ways for early-stage founders to build their business. Doing business with a corporate can mean stable revenue, investment, access to customers, distribution, product feedback, the list goes on. Equal value is created for the corporate (more on […]

When Risks Become Real

Preparing for the worst-case scenario can help you build a resilient startup  Starting a business is inherently risky. At ideation and even early implementation stages, the limited number of stakeholders can potentially leave you unscathed if something goes wrong. But what happens when VC dollars enter the equation? Or a customer is counting on you […]

Corporate Innovation in Uncertain Times

Life has taken a left turn in almost every community and corporation, and we’ve departed from the normal rhythms of our work and lives. While for some, life may now feel like it lacks purpose, others are operating at peak capacity and volatility. Bottom line: COVID-19 has disrupted life for all of us in some […]

We Really Need Large Corporates—With the Right Motives

If you read my blog regularly, you know I’m a really big believer in a couple of things: How revenue is one of the most important metrics for startups. And, that partnering with corporates is one of the best ways for startups to generate revenue. But, corporates so often have the wrong motivations for working with founders. Here’s how they can do better.

GAN Partner, Chargebee, on How Startups Can Get the Most Out of Office Hours with a Mentor

Having been an entrepreneur and starting a company three times before, I know that one of the greatest assets an entrepreneur has is time. Every day, an entrepreneur needs to ruthlessly prioritize how they spend their time building and growing their company. So, office hours with mentors should be a structured but limited time to get advice, spitball ideas, and share cathartic moments. Here’s how to take the most advantage of that time.

Getting in the Door: Tips from Leaders at Large Companies That Want to Work with Startups

When a large company works with a startup, magic can happen. It can drastically help corporate companies innovate while giving startups much-needed cash and game-changing references. At the same time, there’s a lot to navigate and understand before ever taking that first step into a Fortune 500 company’s large, beautiful doors and it can be a muddled journey—at times either intimidating or downright confusing, and sometimes both. Here’s advice—straight from corporates—on how to prepare to work with a larger company.

How WeWork Labs Creates Global Connections and Opportunities for Startups

WeWork is a proud GAN Partner, our community of innovative and values-minded companies engaging with startups. And they’ve built WeWork Labs, a global innovation platform to help startups and corporations everywhere create the future. Here are the stories they shared when we asked about how they’re uniquely partnering with founders around the world.