Top 6 things to do when you are generating fewer leads

Guest Author: Suganthan Asokan All founders experience the ups and downs of sales & marketing functions during their entrepreneurial journey. There are times when every campaign your marketing team runs is successful, multiple new deals are being closed daily, prospects are reaching out to you organically and the phone just won’t stop ringing. But then, there […]

Hiring Remote Employees is Hard!

Good thing you’re not alone…   The shape of the modern workforce is changing and many startups are now operating as remote or distributed teams. This shift comes with a lot of positives, like saving on rent, access to a larger talent pool, and access to cheaper talent. But going remote also comes with new […]

When to pick product led growth as your startup growth strategy

By Jayadevan P K, Evangelist at Freshworks for Startups If you’re anywhere close to the world of enterprise software, you can’t have missed the buzzword: product-led growth. The idea is that you build products that sell themselves. This means you bake features and communication into the product so you can grow your revenues and customers.  […]

Good Budgeting for a Better Business

Determining your new business’s budget is challenging. But our friends at Brex know a thing or two about startup budgets. This outline shows starting budget reference points for startups with a similar burn rate, which gives you a place to start! Without knowing exactly what you need and not relying on past data, you may […]

Order Number One to Scalable Growth

From demand generation to payment solutions and eventually getting the product on the customer’s doorstep, you need to plan just about everything to get your product out the door.  Whether you have current shipping needs or are preparing your first shipments for your upcoming product launch, our friends at UPS have resources, tools, and affiliate […]

Building Products for Humans — and Profit

Here’s a simple thought experiment for you. Let’s say only two consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies exist in the world, and each of them has a 50% market share in every product category — from cosmetics to cleaning products, it’s an even split.  Now, let’s say the innovation team at Company 1 decides they’re going […]

Most Vision Statements are Uninspiring. Yours Doesn’t Have to Be.

Why your vision makes all the difference in the world, and how you can lead with vision in 2021. Can I get a confession out of the way, first? I’d never read a blog post about corporate vision statements. Yet, I’m writing one for you to read.  Why is that? Well at some point, vision […]

The Best Mindset for Your Next Corporate-Startup Engagement

Our world really needs large corporates with the right motives.    Corporate partnerships are one of the best ways for early-stage founders to build their business. Doing business with a corporate can mean stable revenue, investment, access to customers, distribution, product feedback, the list goes on. Equal value is created for the corporate (more on […]

Getting Ready To Ship

We will ship soon Whether you’re getting ready to ship, or have no plans to ship we’ve outlined early-stage topics that every business should be thinking about.  If you’re preparing to ship, you can connect with our friends at UPS to make sure everything you need is in place fr a successful product launch. As well, […]