Nine Takeaways for Startups After Our Global Tour

We just finished GAN’s first Momentum Tour, a four-stop global tour with events in Pittsburgh, Hamburg, Lima, and Manama. After reflecting on all of the startups we met along the way, here’s what’s so special about running a company outside of a major tech hub, and why it can be more of a challenge.

Show Me The Market, Part II

About a year ago, I wrote a blog post that’s been one of my most-read posts to date. The post was all about why and how startups should define their market size to generate investor interest and excitement. I still firmly believe this is one of the most important things startups can do. And yet, Reilly and I continue to turn down company after company that approaches GAN Ventures without a market size large enough for investment. Here’s why it’s so important.

How to Craft an Exceptional Update About Your Startup

Each week, I receive dozens of updates from startups, filling me in on where their companies are at, and a lot of them—if I’m honest—aren’t great. It’s not the end of the world, but I’ve definitely been on the lookout for one that I could show off as a great model to follow. It finally happened, and here’s what was so good about it.

How American Airlines Helped Our Business via GAN

When LendEDU started its company, its founders needed a lot of help. And they wouldn’t be where we are today without the guidance and help of GAN Accelerator, Iowa Startup Accelerator. In another moment of need, American Airlines also stepped in, lending a hand in the form of free flights. Here’s the story of how one GAN Partner provided essential support at a crucial time for this GAN Startup.