Why We Invest in Authentic Founders

At GAN Ventures, when we invest in startups, we say over and over again that we look for four things and one of them is “authentic founders.” But, what does it mean? Why is it so important? And, how can founders work to become increasingly authentic?

This is How to Build Trust with Your Investors Beyond Your Actual Pitch

GAN Ventures has invested in about 20 companies and, in 2019, we’ll invest in 20 more. That means we’re talking with a lot of startups and, when I think about it, all of our investments seem to have some core things in common. It would be easy to simply say that we choose to invest in founders that we trust, but I thought I’d give you more specific insights into how founders have built that trust with us. Maybe it will help you on your next fundraising call.

Two Simple Questions To Ask Every Potential Investor

A few months ago, my partner at GAN Ventures, Reilly Flynn, had a call with a startup looking to us for investment. Ever since Reilly told me about the conversation, I can’t stop thinking about the story. Here’s what happened—the part that still sticks with me.

Stop Calling Them “Soft” Skills

Investors are constantly telling startups what kind of money they’re investing, what industry they want to invest in, and what stage of company they’re interested in putting their dollars toward. But hardly anyone ever talks about “soft” skills—the ones that are so critical to the success of a company but unfortunately so rarely discussed. Here’s why that needs to change.

Advice From Three GAN Startups That Recently Raised Series A and B Rounds

Ask anyone what it’s like to raise money, and you’ll probably get one answer: Raising money is difficult. Very difficult. Just how difficult? Our data show that it takes the following amount of months, on average, for GAN Startups (the nearly 9,500 best-in-class companies that have been through one of 100+ GAN Accelerators around the […]

Show Me The…Market

As we look at data pertaining to why we most often tend to turn companies down for investment, it comes down to one thing nearly 80% of the time. Here’s what it is, and how to nail it in your pitch.

One Big (and One Small) Thing We Look for When Investing

Running GAN Ventures means we’re constantly talking with founders, considering their companies for investment. And when I think about what seems to make one company rise to the top of our list, there are two primary things that tend to make all the difference.

Keeping Your Investors Engaged for the Long-Term

Startups today typically have solid plans for customer discovery, going to market, business development, fundraising, and account management. But what you don’t hear about very frequently is a startup’s plan around how to manage their investors. Here are a handful of ways to keep them engaged for the long-term.

When Investing, Look to the Heart

These days, investors are so often looking at scalability, market size, and product viability when considering whether to invest. But, few are asking other important questions, more closely related to the founder’s heart. It’s a significant oversight if we want to better understand a CEO’s ability to make it through tough times.