Understanding Misunderstandings

Misunderstandings are all around us, and no one enjoys being misunderstood.  They take place at the national level – daily. In the United States, a large minority of the country believes the presidential election was stolen from them, and another large minority can’t believe anyone would think that.  And, misunderstandings are happening more and more […]

The Value of Productive Conflict

“But now, let’s give each other a chance. It’s time to put away the harsh rhetoric. To lower the temperature. To see each other again. To listen to each other again. To make progress, we must stop treating our opponents as our enemy. We are not enemies.”   — Joe Biden, United States President-Elect, acceptance speech […]

Selfless Curiosity — The Revenue Generator

About a decade ago, I was doing sales for a startup that offered a tech solution for pharmacies.  We came across a government initiative (called the 340B program in the United States) that allowed pharmacies to make more money while serving low-income pharmacy customers, and our company’s tech solution would power the initiative.  As I […]

Becoming Resilient by Being Average

You know exactly what’s going on in the world. Things are tough right now, and all of us are experiencing some kind of hardship. There are socio-political issues around race, and, in the United States, an election that seems to be one of the most important elections we’ll have in our lifetimes. There’s the ongoing […]

Five Low-Cost Customer Acquisition Tactics for Startups

By Robert McClees, HubSpot for Startups Customer acquisition is something that most startups struggle with in the early stages of their business. Founders with limited funding face a multitude of challenges and it’s often hard to dedicate resources to gaining new customers. As startups grow and scale, founders must look for ways to improve upon […]

Built for Speed: Why It’s Important to be Fast

Since GAN’s inception, the community’s mission has been to give startups the power to create and grow their businesses and make a positive impact wherever they call home. Why? Because we believe startups are the job creators, culture-makers, and innovation engines our cities and industries need. Yet, startups can never and will never operate in […]

7 Components of a Powerful Pitch

By: Tricia Reinken, Partner Marketing, HubSpot for Startups (a GAN Corporate Partner) A powerful pitch deck is critical for any startup, regardless of your goal. Whether you are raising a round of funding, acquiring your first customers, or hiring a skilled team, these seven components will help you build a captivating yet concise pitch deck.  […]

The Importance of Reframing

First, a Personal Story A few weeks ago, my family and I went up to the mountains and invited another family to join us for a hike. We were excited to see our friends for the first time in a while, and yet, at the last minute, they invited some other friends along who we […]

A Tool to Empower Emotional Awareness

My wife is a mental health therapist, and one thing we’ve been talking about lately is how hard it is to define “what we’re feeling during COVID-19.” Meaning our worlds have changed, and we don’t have a way to describe how we’re exactly feeling. I find that I’m using phrases like “things are different” and […]

Desk with computer and calendar

GAN Leaders Share Their 2020 Productivity Hacks

Every year, I like to ask the leaders of our GAN Accelerators to share their favorite productivity hacks–the tools and practices they use to increase their efficiency, be productive, and keep going–with one another. This year, I also extended the question to our GAN Team. And the answers are far too good to keep to […]