How to Talk About What You Need at Work

In my blog last week, I talked about how important it is to find a job that’s truly “right” for you. The end of that piece included how to figure out exactly what that was, but I mentioned that—even if you’ve realized you really are doing the thing you’re meant to be doing in the world—you might still be experiencing a lack of morale at work.

What Accelerators Look For

Getting into an accelerator is hard, and getting into a GAN Accelerator is even harder. Which is why so many of you are trying hard to do the “right” things to earn a coveted spot at a program. Here’s what I tell people when I get the chance, and it’s all based on GAN’s industry-wide data, coming straight from the source—the accelerators you’re trying to get into.

Are You Really Listening to Your Customers?

I recently hung out with a Project Manager from Amazon, and it was as insightful as you might imagine. Here’s what I gained from our conversation, and how it’s affecting our planning for 2019.

Your Medium ≥ Your Message

Over 70% of our communication is nonverbal. Which means that how we deliver our messages is at least equally as important as what our message actually is. Here are a few ways I’m intentionally looking at the way I deliver my messages and why it’s important as someone who runs a company.

This Isn’t Easy, Part 2: Anxiety About the Future

A few weeks back, I wrote a blog about running a company, having a family (who was all really sick at the time), and just living life in today’s world. And so many of you asked me to share details about how I keep the wheels on the bus when everything starts feeling really chaotic, so I’m sharing my insights here.

Pitch Perfect

We’re (almost) all salespeople, whether it’s in our job title or not. Unfortunately, so few of us know how to pitch well, especially when it comes to pitching for investment. Whether you’re pitching your boss, team, potential investor, or spouse, here the best ways I’ve found to craft the perfect pitch.

The Top Five Ways to Get Into an Accelerator

Getting into an accelerator continues to be very, very hard. Especially when acceptance rate continues to float between 2-4%. But based on our 2018 GAN Data Report, here are a handful of ways that GAN Accelerators are telling us that they’re finding the best candidates…and accepting them.

HR Mistakes Every Startup Should Avoid

This post was written by Kelly Barcelos, a progressive digital marketing manager specializing in HR at Jobsoid.  Building a business from the ground up is a very challenging task. It requires meticulous planning, hard work, rigorous execution, and constant assessment to ensure a successful outcome. In order to do so, you will require a highly skilled […]