Making Your Work Matter for the World

What do you believe the world could become through your work? I posed this question to all of the 156 accelerators, studios, and corporate innovation teams who joined me at the GAN and GSSN Summit last week, and it became the basis for our three-day Summit. And while that question was posed to everyone attending […]

What Happened When I Hit a Wall and the Important Question I’m Using to Move Past It

Last week, I wrote about how essential it is to ask yourself one important question before going through an accelerator program: What do you want your (work) life to be like? But I think there’s actually a deeper question behind this question and I came to it after hitting a serious wall a couple weeks ago. Here’s what the question is, why it’s so important, and a tool to help you answer it for yourself.

One Essential Question to Ask When Beginning an Accelerator Program

A shocking 80% of founders grew up in broken or chaotic homes. Though challenging, it means they both thrive in the chaos of running a company but also don’t know what to do when things feel calm. Here’s an important question that Nick, on the GAN team, prompted me to ask myself in the midst of trying to disconnect from chaos and live a calmer life, and I’m sharing it with everyone I know—especially founders.

Using a Staycation to Stay Sane

I get about a month of vacation each year and I like to use that time well. After all, a month is a lot of time, but it’s actually not that much time, spread out over 52 weeks. What does “using it well” mean for me? My family and I enjoy experiences. It’s fun hopping […]

It’s a New Year. Is It Time for a New Job?

Our team takes about two weeks off at the end of every year and the holiday break gave me a great chance to read a lot of books and to see a lot of friends. Interestingly, a common theme arose out of both. It seems a ton of people just really don’t like their jobs. You may even be one of those people.

Recent Articles That Are Influencing My Thoughts on Work

I’ve had some time off over the last few days and it’s given me space to think a lot about “work”—especially how I want my work to look over the next few months. And a handful of recent articles are giving me some great ideas, including how myself and the GAN team can shift how we work moving forward. Here are the articles molding my thinking.