How One Company Was Poised to Grow 1,000% During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in a historic global economic decline. However, there are a handful of industries that were poised for such a time as this. E-commerce, virtual meeting software, edtech, and telehealth have taken off. And companies who have remained flexible and curious have taken the rapid change brought by the pandemic in […]

Thriving Companies Listen and Adapt

A point made by my coach, Brian Howard, has stuck with me throughout the COVID-19 season. At the beginning of the pandemic, Brain said, “The world has changed. That means our clients‘ jobs have changed, which means our jobs have changed.” Now, more than ever, each of us needs to take a realistic look at […]

In Solidarity, We Continue to Learn

This week has been heavy. Just as we’ve seen glimmers of hope in the US that there might be a light at the end of the tunnel of the coronavirus pandemic, we’re met with another tragedy—one that is, sadly, not new but born from a complex history. In this season, the brokenness of our world […]

Time: Our Most Important Resource

As I think about this new season of operating, everything has changed. Rhythms, work environments, products, and business models are different.  It’s a dynamic season. One that requires a lot of brainpower. Here’s how much of my time is occupied right now— Understanding what has happened to the economy over the last few weeks. Digging […]

A Coronavirus Job Description

I was talking with my coach Brian Howard last week, and he made a simple point:  “The world has changed in the past two weeks. That means our clients‘ jobs have changed – which means our jobs have changed.” Now, more than ever, each of us needs to take a realistic look at what we […]

Data-Driven Hope

This is an interesting time. You’re getting no shortage of emails coming to your inbox about how this is “unprecedented” and “difficult.” I find when I hear things like that, I usually turn inward and focus on myself. But during “unprecedented and difficult times,” that’s not what we need and definitely not what those around us […]

A Thank You to Techstars

Today, we wanted to say “thank you” to Techstars.

Techstars has been an integral part of the GAN origin story and will always be a part of our history. In 2010, alongside the White House’s Startup America Initiative, Techstars launched GAN to align the accelerator industry around globally accepted best practices and create a standardized model for their success. Techstars founders Brad Feld and David Cohen convened the first group of top mentorship-driven, seed-stage accelerators from around the globe in 2011, and GAN wouldn’t be where we are today and have been able to impact startup communities, accelerators, and founders without their vision.

It’s Time for a Mission Statement Makeover

It’s annual planning time. And, our company mission statements—those things that dictate what we wake up to do every morning—are the main thing we all use to guide our plans each year. But so many mission statements are truly bad. Here’s why it matters, and why it might be time for you to change yours.