You Actually Aren’t Competing with Bigger Cities

In all of my travel, especially when I visit small or medium-sized cities all over the world, a common theme keeps coming up for me and I think it’s important to address. Here’s what it is and how I think we can make a shift into something far more positive.

Guest Post: More Great Management Tips

After writing my recent post on how the Joy of Managing is in the Struggle, I heard from Doreen Kula, a Venture Development consultant and coach at Winshall, an [LP in the GAN Community]. With a ton of experience under her belt, she had some great insights on management to share and I wanted to pass them along.

Why Accelerators Work

Every month, I inevitably get asked why the accelerator model continues to be so successful. It’s a valid question (and one usually asked by Ph.D. students). This time, I’m breaking it down for everyone to hear.

Don’t Kill Me—I Don’t Use Slack

Most of us are getting bombarded with incoming messages, all the time. Emails, texts, voicemails, meetings, surprise drop-ins, and…Slack. Not only has the constant barrage been hard on my time, but it’s been hard on my mental health. So, I decided to choose only the communication channels that work for me, and it’s made all the difference.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians

If we followed what the numbers tell us, we’d only write about how to get you funding and the latest news on Elon Musk breaking up with his girlfriend. But, while those play a role in startup life, they’re not always what we most deeply care about. So, we’ve been asking ourselves big questions about how we’re producing content and where we’re engaging online.

Working in the Mundane

Most students leaving school believe that a startup will allow them to live the life they have right now (in college). And I would argue that most “grown-ups” believe the same thing about startups. That they are always fun, exciting, and high-energy. But the magic is actually in the minutiae.

The One Chart That Gets Me Up in the Morning

A lot of people ask me if I love my job and enjoy what I do. And most of the time I do. But while I love the GAN Community, my colleagues, and the fact I get to invest in startups, the main reason I get up in the morning every day is this chart…

Are You Really Listening?

How the startup world participates in treating people as “lesser than,” and how we can reverse that trend by beginning to practice “generous listening”—a lesson taught to me by my dental hygienist.

The Process is the Point

In the last several weeks, my perspective has started to shift around goals, both personally and professionally. And, it’s changing how I look at my daily life, alongside the GAN staff, and alongside this incredible community.