How to Continue Helping Startups After Acceleration

After the Lights Go Down

It’s Demo Day. The excitement is huge. Everyone is feeling a ton of pride. Your latest cohort is about to wrap and it’s time to show off what the last few months of acceleration have meant, telling the world about the companies you’ve helped get validated and to market.

Then the lights go down. And it’s hard not to feel a bit of a slump. Program Directors and staff say their goodbyes and turn toward the next round of recruitment. Startups—who have just given blood, sweat, and tears alongside each other in-program—go their separate ways and are out on their own.

So what comes next? How can we help startups continue to build on the momentum, connection, and learning they’ve just received instead of falling into a state of plateau? How do they begin to look for not just the first 10 or 100 customers they’ve acquired in launching, but start to 10x their business?

Because launch is just the beginning. After all, 85% of companies that have attended a GAN Accelerator are still in business today, employing nearly 27,000 people. And the GAN Community is interested in seeing startups continue to create thriving communities around the world—wherever they call home—well beyond demo day.

Keeping Growth Going

That’s where Scale School comes in.

GAN’s Scale School is a program focused on scaling startups after they’ve been through a GAN Accelerator. Over the course of three months, founders join GAN staff and mentors on-site at the RedFlint Innovation Center in Las Vegas, Nevada for one week per month, continuing their work back at home in off weeks.

The program includes three week-long sprints where founders are surrounded by mentors focused on content for growth-stage companies (hiring, growing their teams, sales, culture and more), investors who are looking to give insights on long-term funding strategies rather than getting startups their first dollar, and corporate partners interested in building mutually-beneficial, lasting relationships. Plus, being in the room at Scale School means sitting arm-and-arm with other founders who have their own ideas and battle-tested lessons to share, making it an environment rich for peer-to-peer learning opportunities.

What’s better? There is zero cost for startups to participate. GAN takes no equity from startups and a stipend is provided for travel. It’s just one more way that the GAN Community is supporting the next wave of startups from all corners of the globe.

Get Connected

If you would like more info, to hear additional details about the program, or to connect with one of the nine incredible companies in our current program, email us at