Founder Profile: Crowdhall

Meet Crowdhall: a venue for crowd-sourced town halls.

What’s a crowd-sourced town hall? Well, it’s a platform for individuals, organizations or businesses to host a crowd-curated conversation.

I recently caught up with Austin Hackett, one of the 3 cofounders of Crowdhall, to learn more about his experience at The Brandery – a Cincinnati based accelerator and GAN member.

Why join an accelerator?

Austin was a student at Columbia Medical School when the idea for Crowdhall first hit him. Through sharing his idea with family and friends, he connected with co-founder Jordan Menzel, who at the time was a teaching assistant for Madeleine Albright. The two soon started work on Crowdhall on the side.

It wasn’t long before Austin recalls the team at a crucial tipping point, “We knew Crowdhall needed quick validation and support or it needed to fail. Fast. Joining an accelerator would either validate us or let us get back to normal life with minimal time lost.”

Which accelerator is right for you?

After applying to multiple accelerators, Crowdhall found themselves in an enviable position: being accepted to several accelerators and picking which one to attend.

One of the accelerators that chose them, the Brandery, stood out from the pack for several clear reasons:
• They made the team an early offer.
• They provided a clear set of reasons they wanted Crowdhall at The Brandery.
• They explained specifically what they could help the team with.

The icing on the cake came when The Brandery Co-Founder, Dave Knox, made connections for the team to key Republican party members to use the app – prior to commitment from Crowdhall to the program. For Austin, it was this altruistic gesture that really hit it home: The Brandery really wanted to help them build their business.

Highlights of the accelerator experience?

Once in Cincinnati, The Brandery continued to deliver on signing up key users to test-drive Crowdhall. Brandery staff (and some hard-working interns) aided in signing up local politicians, causes and even cold-calling House and Senate offices to talk up the service.

The Brandery also used its connections and introduced Crowdhall to LaunchPad LA, who is a member in the Global Accelerator Network. Launchpad LA gave a helping hand by introducing Crowdhall to people in the film and entertainment industry.

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