Founder Profile: Dining Circle

Meet Dining Circle: an easy and affordable tool for restaurants to take online reservations and create a wealth of customer data.

Dining Circle Founder Anthony Favazza recently shared his founding story with us, including their Capital Innovators experience.

Why Dining Circle?
My dad started Favazza’s Restaurant in St. Louis when I was still sleeping in a crib. He asked me to look into online reservation systems for restaurants, to try to find the right fit for Favazza’s. The more I looked at available systems, the more I realized there was no service I could recommend in good conscience. There was an obvious need for a reservation service that would treat its restaurant customers fairly.

Why apply to an accelerator?
When we applied, we had a simple product that worked for a handful of local restaurants. I knew we could do more. When I heard about Capital Innovators, it seemed like the right way to take our offering to the next level. They seemed to really have the right formula for growing a technology platform like ours. Frankly, it was a no-brainer.

What was Capital Innovators like?
Capital Innovators helped us in so many ways. One of the marketing consultants they paired us with rebranded our signature product. They came up with the name TurnTable, which we really like. It speaks to what restaurants want to do (i.e., turn tables) and to what they don’t want to see (open tables).

On the labor side, we were able to beef up our team with strategic hires that were recommended to us by our lead mentor in the program. I can’t imagine not having them on the team today.

Finally, on the sales side, we completely revamped our sales process. We are automated, efficient, and far more likely to close deals with our new approach. All of this came from Capital Innovators.

The Capital Innovators experience was incredible.

What’s next for Dining Circle?
Today, more than 500 restaurants nationwide trust us with their reservation book, we’re just starting to get the word out. We will continue to innovate, adding new features on a regular basis. And we continue to execute, execute, execute.

Photo by TheDeliciousLife used under Creative Commons License.