GAN and SBA Accelerator Meetup in Austin

Earlier this month, the Global Accelerator Network had the pleasure of cohosting an accelerator meetup with the Small Business Administration in Austin, TX. The event took place following SXSW and was hosted by The Capital Factory.

Corporate Partners, Founders, Accelerators, SBA representatives and GAN accelerators gathered to connect, learn from each other, hear about various models to accelerate companies and for the announcement of a $2.5M contest hosted by the SBA for accelerators to fund accelerator operations.

The SBA’s announcement is exciting as demonstrates the U.S. government sees the strength in the accelerator model and is working to support top accelerator programs in the States. We look forward to heaing more about how this money will be spent and the ways in which it will spur additional growth to the accelerator industry.

Those presenting at the event included GAN accelerators NARreach, Dogfish Accelerator, Bizdom, Start CO., SURGE Accelerator, and Techstars who spoke alongside the Springboard, AVINDË, Capital Factory, Launch TN and Tech Ranch accelerators.

This was the first of three accelerator meetups that SBA and GAN will co-host in 2014. Future events will be announced here on the GAN blog and SBA blog and any member of the public will be welcome to attend.