GAN Asia Meetup in Review

Recently accelerators, mentors and investors from throughout Asia gathered at the headquarters of the JFDI accelerator in Singapore to connect with one another, develop deeper bonds and learn how to best manage accelerator programs.

The day started with two discussions for accelerator management teams. First, the group discussed building a vibrant community and company selection. Ray Wu of JFDI led the discussion pulling on his previous experience as cofounder of the Lean Startup Machine emphasizing that when building community location is everything. He added that accelerators should seek out founders and meet them on their turf rather than making founders come to them.

Speaking on selecting the right founders for the program, Bernard Moon of SparkLabs shared his experience with the application and decision process. He emphasized that “team is everything” and most investors are looking to who is managing the company more than the product to guide their decisions.

We had the honor to be joined by Asian Food Channel founder and JFDI.Asia mentor Hian Goh over lunch. Hian shared his entrepreneur story and included tactics he employed to build and exit the Asian Food Channel.

SK Planet Chaewon Hwang spoke on working with mentors to support program companies. SK Planet’s mentors impart practical advice and tips to companies with special awareness to the Korean companies to expand overseas.

Our host, Hugh Mason of JFDI Asia then led the group in a passionate discussion about the accelerator market. Hugh encouraged all attendees (and accelerators) to ask themselves “Who is our true customer?”.

JFDI hosts an” open house every Friday”: night for members of the startup community, startups, mentors and investors to connect. Being joined by a group of over 75 to close the event was a highlight of the trip and further emphasized that JFDI has become one of the main hubs for startup activity in Singapore.