Getting Ready To Ship

We will ship soon

Whether you’re getting ready to ship, or have no plans to ship we’ve outlined early-stage topics that every business should be thinking about. 

If you’re preparing to ship, you can connect with our friends at UPS to make sure everything you need is in place fr a successful product launch. As well, check out the full shipping roadmap here.

Pre-Revenue & Prototyping

You have a great idea. Bring it to life by giving purpose to your prototype, creating representational and working prototypes, hiring professionals, and creating a distribution plan.

Protecting Intellectual Property

Looking to go to market fast with a minimum viable product? Or are you carefully considering intellectual property (IP) as the basis for your startup? If so, identify your IP and protect it.


This financing alternative can provide market validation for next-round investors, customer feedback to reduce go-to-market risk, and a test market while narrowing your target-market scope.

Raising Capital

Before pitching investors, have your business plan ready, be specific about funds needed, have a proof-of-concept, practice your pitch, and do your homework on potential investors.