Getting Startups the Human and Financial Capital They Need

When a startup is getting off the ground and running, it’s easy to think of a lot of things they need help with. What often comes to mind first is capital, followed by the need for customers. However, startups also need a lot of social support. They need to know that they’re not alone in this journey.

GAN very purposefully describes itself as a highly curated community of independent accelerators, partners, and investors, with two specific areas where the community as a whole gets really excited to come alongside startups and help: human capital and financial capital. Here’s what we mean by that:

Human Capital:

We want to help startups forge the relationships that they need to build their businesses and make a meaningful impact. In this respect, the notion of “human capital” has less to do with startups sourcing talent and much more to do with connecting startups with meaningful networks and relationships that will make a substantial impact on the success of their business.

A few of the ways you’ll see this happen around GAN:

GAN Accelerators
Accelerators in GAN built an exchange program where startups can go anywhere around the world and spend up to two weeks with one of our accelerators, giving them soft landing pads and friendly faces around the world. And for the lucky startups that get accepted into a GAN Accelerator, the average accelerator provides 90 mentors for you to learn and get connections from. Having qualified mentors supporting you is a very powerful tool.

GAN Partners
You’ve seen what happens when a startup has a great acquisition or a corporate partner does business with a startup. Startups gain a great opportunity to work alongside a successful business while the larger companies can incorporate an innovative product into their current systems. Because of that, the GAN community is working hard to connect startups with corporates around the world. Almost 30 GAN Partners are making incredible connections and doing business with startups all over the world.

“Wherever You Call Home”
Human capital isn’t always referring to the relationships directly connected with your business, which is why we get excited to encourage founders to “create and grow their businesses, wherever they call home.” We deeply understand that your personal community is often equally (if not more) important as your professional one. Your family, friends, spiritual community, and the rest of your personal support network has a profound affect on how you’re able to show up at work. The more supported you feel at home, the more supported and successful you are likely to be at work. Especially in the high-stress world of startups, when you’re often putting in long hours with high risk, having this sort of support is essential. So, if you want to create and grow your startup at home, the GAN community is located in over 120 cities helping you build your business you wherever you are.

Founder Wellness
Finally, GAN also deeply cares about the mentality of the startup and its founders. So much so that, this past Spring, our community rallied around something we called the Founder Wellness Pact. Similar to a code of conduct, accelerators across our network—in every corner of the globe—made commitments to prioritize the mental and emotional well-being of founders in their programs. One of these commitments is to connect startups coming out of a GAN accelerator with a mental health therapist if they need it.

Financial Capital:

GAN Ventures
While human capital is critical, so is financial capital. We started GAN Ventures to provide the all-important first check to startups that are coming out of our accelerators. We’re envisioning that—by doing deals early—GAN Ventures will be a source of “catalytic capital” that will allow startups in our community to get to a place where they can then easily raise money from other investors. We know that getting that first check is a really big deal in a lot of seed rounds, and we’re running GAN Ventures in an effort to address this major need that startups in our community are facing.

Corporate Connect
Corporations around the world are looking to connect with the world’s most disruptive technologies while GAN startups want to work with innovative and values-minded companies, large and small. With a strong global network of over 4,700 vetted startups in the GAN community, GAN’s Corporate Connect platform helps solve this problem by introducing companies of all sizes to GAN startups.

GAN’s mission is to give startups the power to create and grow their businesses wherever they are, and we believe that human and financial capital is absolutely key to making that happen.

Photo credit: NUMA Paris