Here We Come, World

I can’t remember the last time I was this excited. In just four days, GAN hits the road on our 2019 GAN Momentum Tour, a five-stop global tour focused on helping startups get and sustain momentum wherever they call home. But even if you can’t personally join us on any of the five stops, I still think we all have huge reasons to be excited about what lies behind this tour—

There Are Startups — Everywhere
On the tour, we’ll be in Pittsburgh, Lima, Hamburg, Manama, and Hong Kong. Our intent when planning the tour was to host each stop in “everywhere else” cities—places that aren’t “typical” startup hubs like New York City or Berlin. Instead, we wanted to find cities that might be under your radar but are thriving nonetheless. Cities with startup scenes full of hustlers. Startups who are making it work outside of the largest cities in the world.

And guess what? At each stop, there are, indeed, startups already present and doing incredibly well, thanks to local accelerators and all of the other support ecosystems that exist in each region. There will be anywhere between 50 to more than 100 startups showing up at each stop who will get the chance to meet with corporate partners, investors, economic development representatives, and their startup peers.

In other words, there are already hundreds—if not thousands—of startups already in each of these cities. And that’s really good news. Why?

Those Startups Are Building Building Incredible Stuff — Everywhere
When we look at who’s actually coming to the Momentum Tour, it’s an incredible set of founders building powerful businesses. Attendees already include startups reimagining how the public ships packages back to stores, startups changing how daycare facilities interact with parents, and startups helping commercial kitchens save a ton of money on repair costs.

They’re all startups who have found amazing niches and are building them in all corners of the world.

Startups are Actually Thriving — Everywhere
The best part about these startups is that they’re actually thriving and building sustainable companies everywhere. On average, any GAN Startup attending the event has raised $547K in the 12 months after leaving their accelerator and $320K in annual revenue, and they’ve hired seven people.

Startups Want to Stay — Everywhere
But, what I love the most about all of this is that, even as these companies grow and thrive, they’re not looking to move into a bigger city. They’re not seeking “greener pastures” when things go well. They actually want to stay where they are.

That’s exactly what we’re seeing from articles like this.

Startups want to stay and grow wherever they are. Why? Because they’re actually getting capital, revenue, and quality staff in these places.

We Need Startups — Everywhere
That, frankly, is the reason we’re doing this tour. To help the startup that is everywhere actually stay everywhere. To help them avoid the need to move if staying is what works best for them. To avoid having to uproot their families and friendships all because they think they need to move to a larger or better city.

If we believe that having more startups in our communities is good for our local cultures—that they’re creating jobs and that they’re providing valuable products that make all of our lives better— then I hope you join me in getting as excited as I am about this tour.

Because it’s a celebration of the startups who have built—and continue to build—everywhere. And because it’s a tour focused on helping those startups get even more momentum than they already have.

I can’t wait to see you on the road.