How to Build a Happy Startup

Startups often struggle to find a balance between hiring people for talent and hiring them for cultural fit. It’s a tough line to walk, since both are so important. Having considered case studies from companies like Airbnb and Rackspace, entrepreneur and tech writer Josh Althuser concludes: “If a prospective employee is slightly lacking in talent but is a culture fit, you can help them work on their weaknesses. But if an employee does not fit culturally, that’s a harder change to make. At the end of the day, maintaining the right equilibrium between talent and attitude will ensure you have the right team in place.”

Having the right people on your team, after all, makes life better for everyone. Building a team haphazardly . . . well, that has the opposite effect. Tony Hsieh, the CEO of, estimates that poor hiring decisions have cost his company “”well over $100 million”:” over the years.

Hsieh is not alone. According to a 2013 study by CareerBuilder, “more than half of employers in each of the ten largest world economies said that a bad hire . . . has negatively impacted their business.” In fact, a full quarter of companies surveyed said bad hires had cost them at least $50,000. And that’s just the monetary figure. Losses to company morale are of course harder to quantify.

We believe people are the most vital component to any company, which is why we recently announced the launch of GAN Talent. This offering, available exclusively to GAN startups, is designed to make the process of hiring the right people just a little easier.

Needless to say, hiring is something startups can’t afford to get wrong. And that’s why we’ve made GAN Talent such a priority for our startups. For $2450, our Talent Now offering provides these unparalleled benefits:

– Your position posted to 15 job boards
– A professional recruiter screening all applicants
– A system that tracks all applicants and makes sure you’re in compliance

Will Sacks, Founder and CEO of Kindara had the following to say about his experience working with GAN Talent. “GAN Talent helped us to find a President for our company. The search wasn’t short nor was it easy, but GAN Talent consistently sourced high-quality impressive candidates for me to meet with. Eventually we narrowed the search down to 2 candidates and brought in a corporate psychologist to help make the perfect decision. This was unexpected value-add that I appreciated. Eventually we made an excellent hire and things have worked out beautifully.”

Learn more about GAN Talent and feel free to contact us at with any other questions about getting started.