It Takes a Village

It takes a village to start a company and GAN accelerators do a great job surrounding entrepreneurs with a supportive network. Which is why we wanted to take a moment and highlight 10 awesome things GAN members are doing for startups!

1. Communitech launched a new accelerator called Rev, a first-of-its-kind sales accelerator

2. The Brandery is now offering two Procter & Gamble fellowships and subsidized housing for their startups

3. Breakfast & Launch, a food and beverage accelerator and among the winners for last year’s SBA grants, had their first “Dinner Day”

4. Elevator, the GAN’s first accelerator in Scotland, focuses on later stage energy startups and just kicked off their first program

5. Coolhouse Labs is adding another location in Ann Arbor, Michigan and doubled the amount of funding they offer their startups

6. StartupBootcamp launched the first program dedicated to Smart Materials

7. STING just opened Sweden’s first hardware hub, THINGS, in Stockholm

8. AREA Build, a NYC accelerator focused on real-estate joined the GAN and will start May 1st

9. Seamless, an Internet of Things accelerator in Michigan, has partnered with six different corporations to help startups manufacture and design products

10. NXTP Labs now offers their startups soft landing spaces all across South America