Making the Startup-Partner Connection Easier

There are now 5,400 startups in the GAN Community—5,400 startups that have gone through one of the more than 90 GAN Accelerators. It’s a shocking amount of companies when we stop and think about it.

Those companies are everywhere. Literally all over the world, on six continents. And I’m hoping that at least one makes their home in Antartica so we can finally say seven continents. But that’s for another day.

Getting Revenue to Startups

We have a really “good problem” at GAN. For startups to thrive everywhere, they need capital and revenue that reaches them, wherever they are. GAN Accelerators do that every day. And, we’re doing it with GAN Ventures. But if we are going to help all GAN Accelerators and all GAN Partners to have at least 10 startups that are making $10M or more in revenue by 2020 (our BHAG)—it’s going to require finding a way to create more substantial access to capital and customers for startups around the world. That realization led us to the creation of GAN Partners.

We started by launching the GAN Partner Network, a group of corporate partners that come together to share how to best work with startups everywhere.

As you might expect, those conversations quickly evolved into discussions about how these partners might find the right startups to work with. After all, there more than 5,400 GAN Startups alone, and countless more elsewhere.

After talking with many of the GAN Partners, we found out that most of them generally believe two things: 1) There’s a business problem at each of their companies that needs solving, and 2) There’s at least one startup out there that can help them solve it.

But, finding that startup has been virtually impossible.

Introducing Corporate Connect

Out of that need, we developed GAN Corporate Connect. It’s an internal platform that allows GAN’s 5,400 startups to easily see: 1) Exactly what problems GAN Partners are looking to address, and 2) The ability for startups to offer a solution to that problem, by initiating a mutually-beneficial relationship.

The goal is something you’ve heard us talk about multiple times—that startups would get revenue, allowing them to build their companies and create thriving businesses and lives, wherever they call home. This for sure isn’t going to solve all revenue issues for startups or every problem corporates face. But it will absolutely ease some of their burdens.

Let the corporate connections begin.


Note: GAN Corporate Connect is hosted on GAN’s internal site, GAN Insight. To have access, you must be GAN. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to reach out to the GAN Team.