Mission Fueled

Below is a story about one founder whose personal story inspired his startup journey. 

All founders need to look for deep motivations that will sustain them through the droughts and storms that inevitably come when building a company. The perfect example of this is Nicolette, a recent graduate from the Boomtown Accelerator in Boulder, Colorado. Nicolette’s CEO, Phil, proves that when personal experience and empathy fuel your mission, the result can be incredible.

Phil’s story is a beautiful mix of heartbreak, resilience, and brilliance. After feeling powerless when his premature twins were in the NICU, Phil set out to make sure other parents have the tools to be their children’s best medical advocate. Now Phil and his team are putting all of their resources and energy to work to give parents of babies hospitalized in NICUs an empowered voice in their children’s medical care, through an app called NicoBoard. The app allows the parents to see the patients electronic health record (EHR) data, as Phil says “it extracts the EHR raw data and synthesizes it into a consumable format for parents. That way they can feel competent and confident in participating in their child’s journey to wellness.”

To hear the background that led Phil to found his company check out this interview from last year on Entrepreneur.com. Phil and his team graduated from the Boomtown Accelerator just last week, which makes his poise and articulation of his story over a year ago to Entrepreneur all the more impressive. Yet if you ever meet Phil (I hope you do), you’ll find him thoughtfully engaging, steady, and incredibly competent. Phil spent many years in large corporations running teams and getting results. It’s Phil’s personal story that provides a deep motivation that powerfully animates and invigorates him and the team at Nicolette. Phil is one of many founders who is passionately on a mission to commercialize solutions to big ugly problems.