Open-Sourcing Accelerator Knowledge

Accelerator programs have proven to be an amazing resource for the handful of companies that are selected to join, but what about all of the other applicants and entrepreneurs?

Cedric Maloux with StartupYard has started an initiative to support local startups that have not been able to take part in an accelerator by applying the “open-source” approach to their accelerator program in Prague. As Maloux says, “I strongly believe that if we can help the community at large, it can only benefit the economy and the lives of more people.”

StartupYard will be offering public workshops on various topics that are usually only available to founders who are accepted into their program. But now the knowledge and mentorship shared during to the program will be available to a much larger audience.

As Maloux sees it, “if our mission is to make our region, and our city a place where risks are worth taking, and innovation is not only possible, but required, then we have a responsibility to more than just our own teams.”

To learn more about the topics they’ll be hosting workshops on see the original post here.