For 2020: Consider the Collective Power of 13,000 Startups

To the 13,000 startups in the GAN Community, thank you.

Running a startup is so hard. At every point along the way, it feels like you could go out of business. It seems like there are potential competitors emerging every second. It’s hard to hire and build cultures that last. And it’s hard to continue to build things that the world needs.

Still, even for all of the difficulties you encounter every day, you wouldn’t choose to do anything else, would you?

That’s exactly why we need you.

So, as we end the year and begin this new one, I just want to say thank you.

Why I’m So Appreciative

To close out 2019, I wrote about startup mission statements and how they’re so often focused on just making more money.

But GAN Startups—the more than 13,000 companies that have gone through a GAN Accelerator—are different. When I talk to GAN Startup founders, I’m so impressed. So many of them are focused on changing the world for the better.

They’re building and creating things that have a positive impact.

And there are thousands of other stories like these. It makes me truly grateful that I and our team can support what you’re up to.

The Bigger Picture

As we go into 2020, though, I have a big push for all 13,000 GAN Startups.

You’re a special breed. The world is so lucky to have you. But I want you to think about the kind of combined power that 13,000 startups working for a better world can actually have. You’re a part of something far bigger than one company could ever tackle on its own. One startup alone can only do so much. Together, though? Together you can:

  1. Solve big problems—and more of them.
    Startups are in business because you see things that others don’t. You’ve found ways to do business that are different from what anyone else could figure out. And you doing it all in a way that’s efficient and nimble. You can adjust and adapt as you need to, which positions you to attack some of our world’s most challenging issues.
  2. Help to provide value that makes people’s lives better.
    The product you’re working on is helping someone. Without it, someone’s life is going to be harder. So please keep building it. Someone is going to be so thankful to have your product in their lives.
  3. Provide jobs.
    GAN Startups have created around 60,000 jobs in the world. If you didn’t exist, there’s a chance that the person working at your company wouldn’t have a place to work.
  4. Create work cultures that people actually enjoy and environments where they feel fulfilled.
    Most startups focus on creating positive work cultures. This isn’t just a good recruiting tool. Creating great work cultures means creating environments where people can become the people they want to become—quality people, not just quality staff.

The collective power of more than 13,000 startups across the globe and a worldwide network of high-quality connections can change the future. And the future needs a lot of bright ideas and big solutions. So again, thank you. I can’t wait to see what you continue to do in 2020.