How Recent Data Reveal the Global Impact of Accelerators

9,458 Startups

That’s the number of startups that have gone through one of 94 accelerators in the GAN Community since 2010. It’s a huge number.

And every year, we’re seeing around another 1,700 startups added to that total.

So if you’re an accelerator, you obviously want to know that what you and your peers are doing is actually making an impact.

It matters for everyone else engaging with those startups, too. If you’re a corporate company looking to do business with a startup that went through an accelerator, you want to know that the startup you’re engaging with is valid, sustainable, and going to make a great partner for a long time to come. And if you’re an investor, you want to know that these startups have the best potential to scale.

In short, it’s vital to everyone that startups are getting access to the human and financial capital they need to create and grow their businesses and that our work is helping do just that.

This Year’s Results

So every year, we take a look at how GAN Startups—the startups that have been through an accelerator in the GAN Community—are performing and then share the most important findings with the world.

This year’s results show promising trends:

  • A whopping 46% of GAN Startups had a female member of the founding team.
  • More than half of them are generating some sort of revenue (and nearly a third of those are making $500,000 or more).
  • They’re raising an average of $193,000 more in the 12 months after going through a GAN Accelerator than they were only a year ago.
  • And more than double the number of founders who identify as a racial or ethnic minority are being admitted into programs than in 2016, which means an increasing number of accelerators are focusing on supporting minority founders.

And you can see all of it—and more—here.