Startups Who are Rising to the Occasion

The inherent role of a startup is to find a problem, create a solution, and do it in a way that is efficient, cost-effective, and impactful. 

In COVID-19 times, we’re seeing story after story of startups doing exactly this: finding problems, creating solutions, and deploying those solutions in an efficient and effective way. While in “normal” times these startups solve problems to make our lives easier, we’re seeing startups lately who are providing life-saving and life-altering solutions to some of the most complex issues facing us today. 

Here are some of the best stories that have emerged over the last few days of founders in the GAN Community who are helping their communities and the world during this season—

A Better Ventures Portfolio Company
Location: Berkely, CA, USA
Industry: Healthcare
Eko technology is being used for COVID-19 diagnosis, enabling live-streaming of both stethoscope audio and ECGs during telehealth visits. They are offering free access to Eko Telemedicine through June.

A next media accelerator (NMA) Company 
: Vienna, Austria
Industry: Media
23degrees has used their technology to create visual and interactive maps to monitor the spread of the virus, and have even partnered with Germany’s main tv-news website, Tagesschau.
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A next media accelerator Company 
Location: London, UK
Industry: Media
Sceenic developed its “Watch Together” cloud technology to allow people to have the experience of interacting while watching an event. The technology works with any platform—from sports to entertainment.

Vitae Industries
A GAN Ventures Portfolio Company 
: Providence, RI, USA
Industry: Technology
Vitae is using 3D Printing to boost ventilator capacity

MESA 24/7
A UTEC Ventures Accelerator Company
: Lima, Peru
Industry: Food
MESA 24/7 has created, together with Kushki, the #YoConsumoLocal initiative, which seeks to support Peruvian restaurants that have been forced to close due to the current situation, putting more than 300,000 jobs at risk.

AlphaLab Gear Alumni Companies
Various AlphaLab Gear Accelerator Companies
Location: Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Industry: Manufacturing
Pittsburgh startups and several AlphaLab Gear alums have come together to help connect health care and frontline workers with needed personal protection equipment. This solution was spun up quickly and is already making a difference.

xEdu Alumni Companies
Various xEdu Accelerator Companies
Location: Helsinki, Finland
Industry: Education
A group of Finnish EdTech startups, half of them being xEdu Alumni, are providing their distant learning solutions for free to teachers and parents during COVID-19 times. 

An imec.istart Accelerator Company 
Location: Gent, Belgium
Industry: Technology
Kadonation, a fundraising platform, has organized a national “group gift” to deliver fruits and vegetables to health care workers in Belgium. 

A Nex Cubed Accelerator Company
: La Jolla, CA, USA
Industry: Healthcare, Tech
Repurpose.AI is utilizing its AI Drug Discovery Platform to find drugs that might be repurposed as therapeutics to prevent or treat the coronavirus.
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Instant Teams
A Blue Startups Accelerator Company 
: Hawai’i, USA
Industry: Tech
Instant Teams has shifted its resources to develop a dashboard to monitor productivity and keep remote teams in sync. They are releasing the beta version of the product for free. Featured in the news here and here

A Lighthouse Labs Company 
: Washington, D.C., USA
Industry: Tech
Using its existing technology for curbside pickup and contactless ordering, Goodfynd developed its “Goodfynd Give” program to utilize their platform to donate meals to relevant causes 

Milk the Moment
A The Farm powered by Boomtown Company
: Nashville, TN, USA
Industry: Tech
Milk the Moment has created their MILK app to incentivize less screen time and encourage people to be more present, especially as people transition to remote work and figure out how to balance screen time. 

A gener8tor gBETA Company
Location: Milwaukee, WI, USA
Industry: Services
Washbnb adapted its business model to provide safe and clean laundry services during the local COVID-19 lockdowns. They are providing free pickup and delivery for both the immunocompromised and elderly populations. 

A Boomtown Accelerator Company
Location: Boulder, CO, USA
Industry: Tech
Earthvisionz has created a COVID-19 alert for people who are working on the front line. Wherever they are, this will help them know where the hotspots are, know where the closures are, and see this information in relation to other kinds of disaster events they’re responding to.

NewBoCo is the parent company of Iowa Startup Accelerator
Location: Cedar Rapids, IA, USA
Industry: Education, Technology
NewBoCo is coordinating volunteers to use 3D printing to create personal protective equipment (PPE) for health care workers.