The Iron Yard Asheville: Accelerating Green Tech

We’ve been big fans of the Iron Yard from their start as a one accelerator program based in Greenville, South Carolina. Over the last 16 months The Iron Yard has exploded, expanding their offerings to include multiple accelerator programs, coworking and one of the finest code schools around. They’ve just announced announced accelerator location number 3: an Asheville, NC program with a focus on green tech. Following The Iron Yard Chief of Strategy Jon Saddington gives insight on the expansion to Asheville and why they know a green tech accelerator is right for Asheville:

Niche-based accelerators are a growing trend that enables both the companies that join them and the mentors and money that is exchanged find a even more defined spot for sweet success. From mobile to ecommerce to big data and geographically-centric initiatives the move makes sense for more than a few reasons.

So we’re happy to announce a new GAN-powered accelerator in Asheville, NC with a specific focus on Green Tech. Per usual, we’ll be providing $20k in seed capital, top notch mentorship as well as free coworking in any of our partner locations (in addition to some other incredible perks!).

But for those that may not be entirely familiar with Green Tech (or Clean Tech), let me provide a little context for the companies that we’re looking to support, invest in, and accelerate: You’d be a good fit if you’re trying to solve problems related to health care, energy, and the environment.

You might do this explicitly through software solutions or you may have a combination of software and hardware. If you’re solving big, real-world problems then we’d like to chat!

Finally, it’s worth noting that many companies in this space may have all of the technical strengths of more software-centric organizations and may need to recruit or find technology and engineering talent to help them bring their concepts and prototypes to market – well, we’ve got you covered! We have a growing network of software engineers through our expanding Code Academy that’ll be on the ground and available to meet you.

Green and Clean Tech stands at the intersection of big problems and nearly every major ecosystem – we need your solutions to all of our big problems and we can’t wait to hear from you!