The Top 20 Accelerators in the U.S.

The Seed Rankings Accelerator Project released their list of the Top 20 Accelerators in the U.S. last week at SXSW. We couldn’t be more thrilled to share that almost half of this list is dedicated to GAN members. But we’re not surprised.

This network is continually proving their value and the impact they have. More than 2,000 successful startups and over 11,000 jobs would not exist without GAN accelerators. Because of these accelerator’s tireless devotion to help startups, entrepreneurs around the world are able to get off the ground and see their aspirations come to fruition. These accelerators are boosting local economies with job growth and creating technology hubs around the globe inspiring the entrepreneurial spirit in others everywhere. We are grateful to have such champions of the startup world as our members. Congratulations to the following for being acknowledged for their hard work.