Using a Staycation to Stay Sane

I get about a month of vacation each year and I like to use that time well. After all, a month is a lot of time, but it’s actually not that much time, spread out over 52 weeks.

What does “using it well” mean for me? My family and I enjoy experiences. It’s fun hopping on a plane, traveling somewhere new, and introducing our girls to new things. But, last week, I used one of those weeks of vacation to simply chill at my own house with my family. It was great. For a whole week, I had a staycation.

I know that this idea isn’t new. Many, many people do, in fact, take staycations. But, I asked people on our team and some of my friends how often they do it, and their responses were low. Like, really low.

I think a lot of people feel like they have to use their vacation time to do something interesting. That pressure is real. Like I said, a month (or especially even a couple weeks), isn’t that much time. You want to use it to do something special that you don’t get to do every day of your life. Staying at home doesn’t sound interesting.

Here’s why I love them, though, and why you should consider taking one—especially if you’re a founder in a constant grind and you already travel constantly for work.

The Case for Staying

I avoid all that flight time.
Whenever we leave Denver, I normally have to fly at least a half day to get somewhere. I literally saved myself a whole day of traveling and instead got to hang out at home and decompress. I’ve also been on planes a lot lately so not having to go to the airport again felt great.

I can still explore my city.
There’s a lot to see in Denver and it’s rare when I get extended periods of time to check it out. Last week, I got to take one daughter golfing for the first time and our other daughter on a train trip from our house to Denver’s Union Station. We can still have experiences without leaving our home town.

I can continue with my rhythms.
One of the hardest things about going somewhere else in the world for vacation is that we give up our rhythms. We don’t go to our gym. We don’t have our normal coffee. We’re eating different foods. It causes a bit of stress on our bodies and gets them pretty out of whack. So, being at home allows my body to keep doing what it likes and saves it from having to adjust back and forth.

I can rest.
By being at home, I feel a lot more at ease chilling out on the front porch. It’s nice to explore, but when I travel, I feel a lot more pressure to be doing it constantly. When I’m at home, I get to choose when to go out and do fun things, but to feel at ease when we choose to just stay home. It allows both my mind and my body to truly be at rest.

I can get on top of home stuff.
There were about 10 piles of stuff to go through that had been driving me crazy over the past few weeks. They’re all gone now.

I can give my partner time away.
When our family travels, it means both my wife and I need to be on and present with our kids. On this staycation, I was able to let my wife travel and get away for a few days, giving her time to relax and recharge.