Values Are the Bedrock of the Best Organizations

We are constantly reminding startups to prioritize setting meaningful values, and to set habits that ensure you will adhere to those values. You should think about your values before you think about anything else. Start thinking about values before you start thinking about your product or staffing. We actually believe that you should start thinking about your values even before you create a mission statement for your company.

These values shouldn’t change. They shouldn’t oscillate based on who you hire or what you build. Instead, your values should drive all of those decisions.

At GAN, we want our values to be front-and-center with everything that we’re doing. Why? Because we believe that people—whether it’s the public, clients, friends, or otherwise—notice your values whether you explicitly mention them or not. More importantly, regardless of whether an organization has intentionally set values, or is operating on each employee’s gut alone, every decision we make in business is driven by values.

Therefore, every company is a values-driven company.

We have consciously decided to make GAN’s values front-and-center because we want everyone to understand what’s driving us and our community. We’re also a unique business in that our values are shared by both the individuals that make up GAN as a company, as well as the people we are lucky enough to work with. Some people would call them clients, but we call those people the GAN community. These shared values have brought GAN to where we are today: A highly curated community of accelerators, partners, and investors who all want to give startups the power to create and grow their businesses wherever they are.

What We Believe

When you think about the GAN Community, here’s what we all believe…

1 – We Believe in Humanity
We want to create environments where people are empowered to fulfill who they set out to be. While everyone is created differently, people are also on individual paths to accomplish very unique things. When people have everything they need to become who they have set out to be, we describe it as “people being fully human,” and the GAN community wants to help everyone get there.

2 – We Believe in Service
Everyone in the GAN community should exhibit a level of selflessness that makes people question our sainthood. We want to go above the call of duty and do the extra, unexpected thing to make you feel connected and supported. Because, reality check: Running a startup is really stinking hard! But, we believe that—if we can be selfless to one another—it makes this journey a lot easier. Supporting one another is critical on this really hard and really fun journey.

3 – We Believe in Integrity
We want the entire GAN community to be known for consistently delivering what we say we’re going to. We also want to be honest as soon as possible when we can’t deliver or when we’re facing challenges. We constantly see people overstating who they are, and over-promising on what they can deliver. We want to take the opposite approach. If things aren’t going as planned, we’ll be honest early on because we believe that will enable better trust over the long term. We aren’t striving for short-term successes. Frankly, those often turn out to be failures down the road.

4 – We Believe in Action
We don’t want to just talk about things or play the strategy game forever. We would much rather take action to fix a problem. We truly believe that action has to take place for meaningful change to occur. Our aim is to continually grow and evolve based on the needs of our community, and to be proactive to understand those needs. Action doesn’t come without risk—but we would much rather take the wrong action than no action at all.

5 – We Believe in Celebration
It’s important to pop a cork when people reach greater heights. After all, getting stuff done doesn’t mean you have to be boring! We find ourselves in a culture that gets excited about working hard and fixing problems, yet we don’t often see startups celebrating the small wins. And part of celebrating the small wins might mean taking time to rest and recharge. We believe that we can take a step back and things will be just fine. We know that work is hard, so we need to stop and celebrate the wins or we’ll quickly lose our effectiveness.

6 – We Believe in Balance
It’s not about the always-perfect amount of time spent between your personal and professional life, which can feel near impossible to attain (work and life both ebb and flow at different times anyway). But we believe you should define your own “enough” and create boundaries around it. We want people to find ways to invest in themselves (including their mental health), their companies, their families, their communities, and anything else that feels important to them, in ways that are nourishing for them.

While this is certainly not an exhaustive list of every value that we hold, we believe that these six are the most important values that drive our community and help startups create and grow businesses wherever they are.