We Support An Open Internet

One of the focuses of the GAN is make sure that accelerators and startups are protected.

In the United States, as many of you know, FCC Chairman Wheeler proposed net neutrality rules that we think will keep an open internet and be favorable to your entrepreneurs. This week FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai put out a press release opposing those rules. In Pai’s opposition he says the “plan will saddle small, independent businesses and entrepreneurs with heavy-handed regulations that will push them out of the market.” We’d like to invite those of you who support Wheeler and his net neutrality rules to sign a letter to policymakers reminding them that the accelerator industry supports an open Internet.

GAN is working with Engine, an organization that supports the growth of technology entrepreneurship through policy and advocacy, to send a letter to the FCC letting them know that startups need strong net neutrality rules to protect an open Internet.

Sign the letter here.