2021 Accelerator Data Infographic

2021 Data Infographic

Every year, the GAN Data Report details outcomes from a curated community of accelerators and the thousands of startups that have graduated their programs.






We believe this data is so critical. If founders are continually looking to accelerators for support in creating sustainable companies, we believe it’s vital to ensure that accelerators are, in fact, providing the absolute best support possible. Because those founders—real humans with families, friends, and jobs—are stretching themselves and those relationships in order to join the programs in our community. So every year, we take a look at exactly how startups that have graduated from GAN Accelerators are performing and then share the most important findings we discover with the world.

We have compiled a snapshot from the data provided by 120+ GAN Accelerators within our community. You can download the complete 2021 Infographic and learn more about the details of the report on the community-wide call that was held in April.

Accelerators support startups through short-term programs (generally between three to six months). During this time, a small cohort of companies is selected through a competitive application process in order to receive resources and capital, often in exchange for equity. Throughout an accelerator, startups also receive support in the form of dedicated mentorship, connection to customers and investors, and general business services (anything from legal, to financial, to technical, to branding advice).



Want more insights?

Listen to GAN executives Dani Larson and Patrick Riley as they dive into the details of the data that was collected from GAN Accelerators to identify the most compelling trends we are seeing across the industry.









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