ACRE AgTech Accelerator

  • Location: North America, United States, Ottawa County
  • Timing of Applications: Fall
  • Focus: AgTech
  • Vertical: AgTech

ACRE AgTech Accelerator is located in an agriculturally rich region of Michigan. Some of the country’s most talented manufacturers and engineers also surround us. Our AgTech Accelerator will draw upon all of these resources to provide those in our program a broad view of how the business community intersects and collaborates. During our 12 week curriculum you can expect mentors to come from both inside and outside the agricultural business sector. You will be able to visit area farms and processors to experience how your innovations and your business philosophies may eventually be applied.

We want to explore the impact AgTech can have on food production and processing. Because of the diverse business community in Michigan we also want to explore innovations that will provide new solutions for other industries and products. AgTech can provide innovations beyond food production that will be more sustainable and environmentally sound. ACRE AgTech is where this will happen.