Fintech Accelerator powered by Flat6Labs

  • Location: MENA, Saudi Arabia
  • Timing of Applications: Winter
  • Focus: Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud, Data/Analytics, FinTech, Insurance, IoT, SaaS
  • Vertical: Blockchain, Data/Analytics

Fintech Accelerator program is a brand new and unique innovation and entrepreneurship program launched by Fintech Saudi and powered by Flat6Labs. This carefully crafted program is set to help fintechs grow and designed to transfer best practices, tools, and resources available for fintech companies to develop and scale their solution-driven businesses.

This exciting collaboration between Fintech Saudi and Flat6Labs is poised to create the next wave of fintech entrepreneurs growing disruptive innovative solutions, becoming a one-of-a-kind localized program harnessing and scaling fintech companies; effectively and swiftly contributing to the future of the sector in Saudi Arabia.