INTEMA Startup Accelerator by MTS AI

  • Location: Global
  • Timing of Applications: Fall, Summer
  • Focus: Agnostic, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
  • Vertical: Agnostic

Intema is an AI-focused accelerator.

Our mission is to provide early-stage Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning companies with capital, mentorship, and network to disrupt industries. After selecting future leaders on the pre-seed and seed stages, we boost them via a 3-months program to build world-class ventures.

We fuel an exploding growth of start-ups by:

  • Polishing the AI/ML component of core technology with our team of AI experts
  • Creating cutting edge product and support its launch on the global market with our team of experienced mentors: successful entrepreneurs and CPOs of the leading corporates
  • Attracting investments – VCs, Corporates, Angels through our network of partners, investors and community of other founders
  • Piloting the product in the ecosystem of one of the leading Telecom companies
  • Providing access to the computing power of our superpod based on NVIDIA chipsCompanies can receive a $100k investment from the accelerator and up to $10m on the Demo-day from our own VC fund.

Participation is 100% online.


Requirements for applicants:
• Your product is based on Artificial Intelligence
• You have an MVP or first sales