• Location: North America, United States
  • Focus: Mobile, SaaS, Software

Launchpeer is a remote, part-time, equity-free incubator that takes entrepreneurs from napkin sketch to built, launched, & funded tech startup.

Our hybrid model brings the best of both worlds from traditional accelerators and agencies. Our founders receive mentorship, resources, perks, and guidance as they would from traditional accelerators, while also having designers, developers, and product managers on hand to do work for them.

Our data-driven and step-by-step programming removes the uncertainty around how to turn an idea into a successful startup and includes obtaining market proof, designing their brand, building their first MVP, getting their first users and revenue, then raising first checks from investors.

Launchpeer‘s ultimate goal is to make entrepreneurship accessible and successful for anyone regardless of location, age, team size, and background, and our program is built to do that.