• Location: North America, United States, Tysons
  • Timing of Applications: Fall, Spring
  • Focus: Cybersecurity
  • Vertical: Agnostic

MACH37 is a start-up accelerator designed to facilitate the creation of the next generation of cyber product companies.
MACH37 refers to “escape velocity,” the minimum velocity needed to escape the earth’s gravitational field.  We felt that this was an apt name for our accelerator because newly launched technology companies must push past forces that inherently prevent their growth.
Our unique 90-day program design places heavy emphasis on the validation of product ideas and the development of relationships that produce an initial customer base and investment capital – accelerating a founder’s path to a sustainable business model. Since 2013, MACH37™ has launched over 70 cyber companies – 83% of our graduates are still in business and 64% have raised follow-on investment.
MACH37 is owned and operated by VentureScope.

MACH37 Cyber Pre-Accelerator

Not quite ready for the pressure test of a fast-paced accelerator? Not sure how to get your company ready to accelerate?

MACH37 now offers a pre-accelerator option to help you reach the point where your company can realize the most benefit from an accelerator experience. This program focuses on business fundamentals to include:

  • Creating Your Vision – Understanding more deeply why you started your company, what outcomes you seek, and the meaning of success

  • Value Proposition – Achieving product-market fit, the value you propose to deliver meets the needs and demands of customers in the marketplace

  • Company Formation – Best practices for setting up your company to do business

  • Building Your Team – How to hire for a winning team

  • Wellbeing – Orientation to the wellbeing of entrepreneurs

MACH37 Cyber Accelerator

MACH37Ⓡ runs a 12-week accelerator program for early-stage startup companies who are developing cyber-related products and services and are ready to take their business to the next level through expanding their networks, learning key business approaches, and seeking investment.  Beyond cyber security, MACH37 seeks companies who specialize in artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural networks, quantum computing and encryption, space, cyber physical systems, Internet of things, industrial controls, and other cyber-related areas.  The pillars of the MACH37 program include:

  • Agile Entrepreneurship – Fostering entrepreneurship and methods of innovation at the speed of business, with a heavy emphasis on the Lean Startup methodology

  • Bridging Ecosystems – Connecting partners across ecosystems, sectors, organizations, and people

  • Problem Solving – Filling the critical need for viable solutions to the world’s most pressing problems

  • Tech Discovery – Identifying over-the-horizon technology and trends in cyber sectors

  • Wellbeing – Building the wellbeing of our founders, teams, and community members to foster richer experiences, partnerships, and outcomes.

MACH37 Growth Stage Accelerator

Growth stage for any startup can be tough.  MACH37 is currently piloting growth stage company acceleration for cyber startups who are pushing through the next level.  This program is customized per company around their specific needs and leverages MACH37 resources to assist with:

  • Establishing Culture

  • Leadership & Management Skills

  • Running Your Business

  • Expanding Your Customer Set

  • Scaling Your Solution

  • Securing the Next Rounds of Financing