• Location: North America, United States, Lincoln
  • Timing of Applications: Spring, Summer
  • Focus: Internet, Mobile, SaaS, Software, Technology

Startups Made Real…

NMotion is a mentor-driven, education-focused, startup accelerator based in Lincoln, Nebraska. We focus on high-growth software and technology-based businesses in targeted industries in agriculture/food, fintech, and sports/entertainment

NMotion brings together capital, connections, and most importantly community to help your startup move forward, faster. Roll-up your sleeves for an intense opportunity to build and grow quickly. From customer validation to market traction, we make your startup real through immersive learning and intense collaboration.

NMotion couples low startup costs, quality talent, and an accessible network of resources with Nebraska’s core values of no-nonsense and hard work to the creation of startups. Build, test, experiment and grow. From MVPs to customer acquisition, from fundraising to team building, NMotion will help you level up!