NXTP Ventures

  • Location: LATAM, South America, Argentina, Buenos Aires
  • Timing of Applications: Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter
  • Focus: AgTech, FinTech, Technology

NXTP is one of the pioneers of the venture capital industry in Latin America launching its first fund in 2011.

Stages We Invest In

We partner with high-impact, visionary founders early on in their journey as one of the first sources of institutional funding to help build their companies into future market leaders with long-term competitive advantages.

We primarily invest in Seed and Series A rounds, on average writing checks between $500k – $2m USD and reserving capital for follow-on investments.

Core Verticals

We seek to invest in recurring and scalable businesses often pursuing B2B business models. Our core verticals are:

  • Cloud & SaaS
  • Logistics Tech
  • Fintech
  • B2B Marketplaces
  • AI / Information Services
  • Internet Security

But if you are building something exceptional outside of these verticals, we definitely want to hear from you.


Founded in 2011, NXTP Ventures has a rich history of contributing to the growth of Latin America’s technology ecosystem as one of the most active early-stage venture capital firms in the region. Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with approximately $100 million in capital under management, we leverage our regional knowledge and ample network to help our founders create a truly regional footprint. Entrepreneurship is at the core of our history and culture which inspires our founder-friendly approach to investing.

How We Support Our Founders

Our number one priority it to always be there for our founders. We know that being an entrepreneur is hard and requires a strong support network both emotionally and business-related – we provide that. We roll up our sleeves and actively help with first-hand, hands-on expertise while proving access to NXTP’s broad Latin American/global mentor and investor network and extensive corporate relationships. Helping with fundraising, key hires and team-building are additional areas of expertise we spend a lot of our time on.

What We Look For In Founders

As early-stage investors the quality of the founding team is hands-down the most important selection criteria. If you are a founder and are wondering how we evaluate founding teams, here are a couple of pointers:

  • Obsession and unwavering commitment to your company’s mission
  • Strong leadership qualities and the ability to inspire and effectively communicate your company’s vision
  • Strong founder-market fit and domain expertise
  • Intellectual curiosity and hunger to learn and improve
  • Strong prior professional and academic experience
  • Excellence in prior business and non-business-related experiences
  • A data-driven approach to the company with a strong understanding of key drivers of your business
  • Customer-centric company culture