• Location: Turkey, Istanbul
  • Timing of Applications: Summer, Winter
  • Focus: Gaming
  • Vertical: Gaming

oFON is a global game studio accelerator located in Turkey. We transform talented development teams into successful startups in one year by providing funding, coaching, technical support, strategic publishing partnership and entrepreneurial guidance. We fund our teams through an innovative advance payment financing model so that the founders keep %100 of the equity.

Funded by Rollic and powered by tiplay studio, oFON became Turkey’s biggest game development ecosystem within 6 months, accepting 9 teams in two cohorts. oFON is now accepting applications from all over the world to help local teams become global companies. oFON ecosystem brings aspiring developers, designers, artists and entrepreneurs together to create the community and the culture that reach millions.

After being admitted, oFON members attend online onboarding and orientation programs to have a good understanding of the project management methodology, genre in focus and technology. They then start developing games under supervision of oFON managers.