Sevna Startups

  • Location: South America, Brazil, Ribeirão Preto
  • Timing of Applications: Fall, Spring
  • Focus: Agriculture, Education, Healthcare, Real Estate, Retail
  • Vertical: Agnostic

Sevna Startups is an early-stage tech startup accelerator based in Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, Brazil. Our purpose is supporting the best entrepreneurs to transform their dreams into an innovative, scalable and profitable business. We do it providing hands-on support, capital, infrastructure and access to mentors, entrepreneurs, investors and the international community.

Although we are a vertically agnostic program, we prioritize our investments on five industries: Agriculture, Health, Retail, Education and Real Estate. We offer two acceleration tracks, focused on different stages: Foundation and Growth.

Foundation Track: provide support to founders build their MVPs and get firsts marketing validations. On this track, the focus is to help the entrepreneurs to build a product that their customers love to use and desire to buy.

Growth Track: help founders to find the most efficient way to increase their customers. On this track, we are focused on craft a positioning and test hypotheses about how to hack their growth.