• Location: Europe, Norway, Oslo
  • Timing of Applications: Fall, Spring
  • Focus: FinTech, PropTech

TheFactory™ is a Nordic accelerator program that will help fintech entrepreneurs develop and scale their business. The accelerator is accepting startups with ideas and concepts in the following fintech/ proptech verticals:

Alternative finance
Construction technology
Smart cities solutions
Banking software
Infrastructure security
InsureTech / Insurance
Regtech / compliance
Risk and credit sourcing
Savings and investments

The 6-week/ 12-week long accelerator program will invest in your startup and help you develop and shape your concepts, find new customers and partners, and scale your business. FintechFactory™ is headquartered at Telenor Arena in Oslo, Norway. We believe corporates have a lot to learn from startups and that corporates play an important role in acting as pilot customers. We are strong believers facilitating cooperation between startups and more established companies to catalyze Power Couples.