TİM-TEB Startup House

  • Location: Turkey, Istanbul
  • Timing of Applications: Fall, Spring
  • Focus: Aerospace, Agnostic, Agriculture, AgTech, Analytics, AR/VR, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cleantech, Cloud, Commerce, Connectivity, Cybersecurity, Data/Analytics, eCommerce, Education, Energy, Financial, FinTech, Gaming, Healthcare, Insurance, IoT, Life Science, Life Sciences, Marketing/Advertising, Media/Entertainment, Mobile, Real Estate, Robotics, SaaS, Security, Transportation/Logistics
  • Vertical: Agnostic, Blockchain, Data/Analytics, Education, Energy, Gaming, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Retail, Transportation

The purpose of TIM-TEB Startup House is to develop and strengthen startups in Turkish ecosystem which have innovation, high value-added product/service and high export potential. TİM-TEB Start-up Business Houses run more than several acceleration programs with the aim to train them on developing their business models and ultimately setup their own companies on both regional and global markets.

As the most comprehensive and widespead start-up program in Turkey, TİM-TEB Start-up Business House operates in order to increase the number of technology start-ups and creates a motivation for entrepreneurs in line with this aim, helps start-ups to survive, accelerate their growth and supports them to export.

Incubation or consultancy within the scope of acceleration is provided to each start-up depending on the program. Office support, technic mentorship, networks, commercial opportunities/corporate partnerships, investor relations, first customer, events and advertising support are intensively presented according to the growth needs of the start-ups/companies.